NEC ND-4550A cant read DVD+R DL

My ND-4550A version 1.X7 doesnt read DVD+R DL.
It does everything else right. It burns every disc there is to know only problem is reading these DL discs.
Can someone help me.

I just upgraded the firmware from version 1.84 to 1.X7 (Is that an upgrade or a downgrade lol :confused: )

If ya want to send this to the newby part of the forum I dont mind but help is very needed :iagree:

Thanks for any help in advance :wink:

Welcome to the forum.
You don’t mention which brand of disc your using. It could be the disc is unreadable. Have you tried reading the discs in another drive?

Well I bought 25 discs from Arita. I put the statistics below.
Cant really tell from the stats if its able to read. I really thought every disc can be read in the comp. Its a perfect disc for burning I didnt get one bad burn.
I cant check it in another drive cause this is the only one I got.

Well here are the stats:

Unique Disc Identifier: [DVD+R-DL : RITEK-D01-001]
Disc & Book Type: [DVD+R DL] - [DVD+R DL]
Manufacturer Name: [RITEK Corp.]
Manufacturer ID: [RITEK]
Media Type ID: [D01]
Product Revision: [001]
Blank Disc Capacity: [4,173,824 Sectors = 8,55 GB (7,96 GiB)]
Recording Speeds: [2.4x]

Hope this helps to sort out my problem.

Unfortunately, the drives ability to complete a burn tells us nothing about the readability of the created disc. RiTek D01 is known to be problematic in most drives with very poor quality dye.

The only DL media worth investing in, is Verbatim.

Well I will try to get my hands on some verbatim discs then.
I will let ya know whether it gets better with verbatim.
It will take some time but I will let ya know

Thanx for any help
c ya

Its better with Verbatim DL, for sure.