Nec nd-4550 out in Europe

This dvd burner is in shops .

Thanks for the links! Is it possible for yoy to extract the firmware?

it´s not possible because i haven´t the nec nd-4550 . I live in Portugal and this dvd burner is not out in this country

I see now that the image is not from yourself. Maybe in the future you can mention that.

All link provided are french, i didn’t feel the need for new drive for me but we can hope to see a french hardware review in few weeks

Also available in the UK. (in stock now) (in stock now) (tomorrow) (1-3 days)

somebody bought this dvd burner and say if nec nd-4550 is good ?

Good Greef–n I only just recieved my 3540A 20thSept Wed…Should I have waited or is this 3540A as Good as they say!!

Just can’t wait to get this beauty.

Let’s hope there is a on-line shop able to deliver my way, (.se). :wink:

Have a look at here

the 4550 is only € 57 :slight_smile:
nothing about the 4551 yet?

Yes, i’ve just ordered one, hope to get it till saturday.
Last info i got about the 4551 is somewhere beginning october. :wink:

Will this be the first drive from Nec supporting bitsetting…? :rolleyes:

got one coming in tomorrow, so be interesting to look at it

Will wait for the 4551 :slight_smile:

Hello Folks,

Perchance if possible could a knowledgeable Forum Member explain the differences between the NEC ND-4550 and the ND-4551?

Are there any appreciable differences between the two drives?

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I’m not sure, but i think the writing and read specs are the same, except the 4551 has
LabelFlash technology, that’s like Lightscribe.

ok the drive is here, has firmware 1.06 on it, but Binflash doesn’t recognised the drive to dump the firmware

Do you checked it for bitsetting?

yes bitsetting is not set by default, ony dvd+r dual layer