Nec Nd-3650a



I got this new drive here in the U.S. Sata and all and I can’t find any info on it.


probably a 3570 with a sata interface.


here’s some screen shot’s of nero cd-dvd speed


I guess the hardware is more similar to the 3550 than to 3570.
Could you please check if you can dump the firmware with Binflash and then upload the file.

The firmware version “104C” sounds to me like the drive was shipped with a Dell PC. Is that true?


Code sure sodes familiar, LOL 104C


binflash cannot detect the drive since it’s on the sata interface I guess.


yeah it quite similar to the one dell uses only info I’ve been able to find is from dell forums.


If Windows can work with them, Binflash should be able to detect the drive too. Could you run the commandline version and add the parameter “-v” twice?


did what you said but it says my drive is not supported


Liggy i guess that you are right, i didn’t noticed the **50 in the end :doh: .


I just received some 3650 files today and it looks like I had a wrong ID for these drives. A new Binflash version with proper 3650/3651 support should be available tomorrow.

These numbers were not the reason. I wasn’t sure at first myself. But some parts in the firmware obviously indicate a higher similarity to x55x than to x57x drives.


I uploaded my firmware to your site.


hey Liggy, is there any difference between the dell’s firmware and the originals other than the dells firmware seems to be newer.


It’s hard to say what differences two different firmwares have. While I can see some of them (bitsetting or strategies) others are hard to track.


Got one today. Any scans yet?


First scan


Liggy, any RL removed stuff?


Liggy, the RPC for the NEC3650 FW is locking up my computer. I had to flash back to the Orginal Dell file you had on your site. I may try the RPC for the Dell next.


Which firmware version did you try? So I can recheck the rpc1 code.

About your previous question: Do these drives really have a riplock that needs to be bypassed?


LIGGY, I am on the road again, but I tried the RPC1 104 for the NEC 3650 at your site. The Dell original one in the first cell works great so far but I did not try the reflash to the RPC version yet.
I forgot that NEC is no longer rip locked supposedly. but it sure is a lot slower than my Toshiba 553 SATA.