NEC Nd-35xx series drive not recognised properly


First post and all- please be gentle! Anyways, onto my problem, hope you can help.

I bought a new DVD-RW drive (ND-35xx series) to replace my old DVD ROM drive, and now Windows XP seems convinced it’s a DVD drive, rather than what it should be. In the device manager it is identified as a cd-rom drive for some reason, and Nero 5.5 doesn’t even detect it (incidentally for some reason in the add/remove programs dialog the button to uninstall nero doesn’t even come up either…).

I have tried re-installing the drive, swapping the jumper settings between master and slave for both the existing cd-rw and dvd-rw, and took a look at the registry to see if there is anything to edit, which there isn’t. Oddly enough when I put in a blank dvd-rw disc it briefly comes up on My Computer as a dvd-rw drive, and then switches back to cd-rom. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Nero 5.5 is too obsolete to support this burner.
At least v6, I recommend, should be used. You even could download and test a trial from
If it’s properly connected and jumpered the Devicemanager should recognize it as nec 35xx drive.

Don’t bother about what buggy explorer shows you as drive icon/info, it has a bug…

Many thanks.

Ah, so XP has a bug (thought so) and my Nero is at fault. Now… with that question answered, how do I uninstall my old Nero without an included uninstaller and XP doesn’t have the option either?

Should be possible by going into [B]settings > control panel > add or remove programs[/B] and uninstalling it from there.
Then, download the Nero cleantool from the Nero site and run it before installing another Nero version.

Done and done… currently burning five movies to dvd as a data disc.

Does dance of celebration.