NEC nd-3551A - Problems



Hi There!
I just bought the NEC ND-3551A [BULK] with LabelFlash support and i can’t use the LabelFlash. I tried with the newest nero software but the LabelFlash icon is inexistent [i can’t find it where it shoud be…]. Can someone give me a link to NERO NEC version that is in the retail package or tell me if there is a trick or something; or the LabelFlash must be enabled somehow; or there is a special firmware upgrade…?! Links please.
Please HELP ! :sad:
Aa… and one more thing… why on the official site of NEC this model is not listed ?! :confused:


Looks you’re crossposting in all threads with your question :cop:
It has all to do with the proper version/registration key.


Asking for copyrighted software is also not allowed, AFAIK.


I have all the software original!! still can’t use the LabelFlash!! :((
The problem is that i didn’t recived a CD with my DVD-RW… I asked for a guide or a link to where i can purcase my original NEC CD with the Original Nero that i should have recived…and didn’t. It looks like i bought a LabelFlash drive wich can’t be used. Thx… :frowning:


@ psycho_21

You should contact the source that you purchased your NEC ND-3551 from and request that they provide the correct CD.

Aside from the correct software you need the correct Registration Key to enable LabelFlash capability. This information has been discussed at great length and detail in this Forum. Suggest performing a Forum Search to obtain this information.

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Read into here: