NEC ND-3550GEN - PC hangs after install

Hi all,

I recently purchased a ND-3550 from

I already had a CD-RW installed, so I simply removed that and replaced it with the 3550, like for like, same data cable and power socket, however, when I restarted the machine, it got as far as the Windows XP startup with the blue “progress bar” at the bottom, then froze (after about 8 cycles of the progress bar). I’ve rechecked all the connections are secure and rebooted several times, but it always freezes at the same point.

I have no manual, software or drivers (and I believe they aren’t necessary ?) with the drive, and as the computer won’t start, have no way of determining what firmware version it is.

Any tips please folks ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi PabloMc2 and welcome to the forum.

Check the jumpers are set correctly on the rear of the drive Master or Slave. (set to the same as your CD-RW you removed)
You will also need an 80 conductor IDE cable for this drive.

If this doesn’t help. remove the drive and allow Windows to boot without a drive connected. Reboot once more then close down the PC and reconnect your new drive.