Nec Nd-3550a

hey all! i just finished building my 1st pc- glad to be done! asus A8N5X mobo, amd processor 2GB ram. i went to turn it on and everything works fine except the dvd/cd burner (nec 3550a). i have the IDE cable connected and to the mobo alone cuz the hdd is SATA and the power supply is connected to the burner as well. what i don’t understand is, why the burner only works when the IDE cable is disconnected from the mobo. of course it will not read any data if it’s not connected, but i’m referring to the cd tray. how will i be able to load windows if i cannot connect the cable? the cd tray works when i disconnect the IDE. is it a bad cable, processor incompatibility, or something i need to do in BIOS before installing windows? thanks! :confused:

My guess would be a bad cable. Or maybe the cable is twisted. Have you checked that pin 1 on the drive connects to pin 1 on the mobo?