NEC ND-3550A with ENCLOSURE prefers some DISCs rather than others?

it reads cdr,cdrw, some dvd-r without problem, but fails to read some of the dvd-r (recognized as blank discs)…they were all burned by the 3550A itself. But all the dvd-Rs can be read correctly when I put the 3550A into another 1394/USB2.0 enclosure…

it seems it depands on the brands of the discs very much. so could someone recommand some GOOD DISCs for me? I mean particularly for 3550A with USB2.0 enclosure (chipset: NEC uPD720130).

many thx. :sad:

CAN read:
-Verbatim DVD+/-R 4X

CANNOT read:
-Banana DVD-R 4X

can anyone help me plz?

You have too many things going on to pin down the problem. First, I have never heard of Banana discs and I would expect them to be marginal at best. You also could have a problem with the enclosure as many chipsets will not work with optical drives. I am not sure about the NEC chipset, even though it is NEC.

To answer your question, I would recommend TY +R 8X discs, sold as Burnmaster, at You should also post your firmware, burn speed, media ID (get CDSpeed), and burning application.

Shankgiu… I have a new NEC 3550A burner and I’ve used NexxTech media (sold at Circuit City) 8X - DVD-R with 100% yield. I use Nero Ultra Edition 6.6 and DVD Xcopy platinum to burn DVD disc… and RecordNow to burn CDs