NEC ND-3550A very slow

installed 3550 as slave as master is taken by old Liteon-812S, burnt full DVD with exact same data & media type to both drive at 8x (media is Ritek 8x DVD+R). Liteon-812S(max 8x) finished it in 9 mins 10 secs, 3550 did it in 11 mins 30 secs. looks to me 3550 burnt it at 6x instead of 8x.

another issue, I have the latest firmware 1.06, but 3550 wouldn’t burn at higher speed than rated 8x, I will buy some 16x to see if it will burn at full speed, but my old Liteon-812S is able to 4x rated discs at 8x. what gives?

I’ve read a lot of good reviews for 3550, but its a huge letdown, should I RMA it? the 11 mins burn for 8x discs really concerns me, not sure if its defective. It is a very quiet drive though.

Hi jsc572 and welcome to CDfreaks.:slight_smile: Comparing the Lite On and Nec burns is tough because the NEC uses Z-CLV and the Lite On uses P-CAV to write the discs @8x. Very different ways of writing. NEC 8x Z-CLV burn. Lite On 8X P-CAV burn. As you can see the Lite On does not have as many calibration points and gets a faster burn time. I would check this linkto make sure DMA is enabled and try some better faster media. Moving this thread to the Nec forum. Good Luck.:slight_smile:

hi, thx for moving the thread over.

Here is what nero showed:

Ritek? What do you expect.

Get some decent media to make faster burns.

I know Ritek discs are crappy, but if Liteon is able to finish in little more than 9 mins, it shouldnt have taken Nec 2 mins & 20 seconds more to finish even as it does burn at slower speeds due to Z-CLV writing method.

the picture I attached is with 8x Memorex disc, and looks like it is capable to burn at decent speed. I’m going to get some good 16x media and see how it goes.

I was expecting NEC to burn Ritek disc in about 10 mins, but 11 mins 30 secs is way too slow.

It should because the NEC burns that slower at 8x.
That 8x burns were speeded up with newer drives like 4570 and 4571.

Memorex? Also creepy, mostly.

sounds like its an issue and has been fixed with 457x models. not sure I want to live with 11 mins burns @8x since I’ve got loads of discs at that speed from generic manufacturers for not-so-important stuffs I archive.

agreed on memorex being crappy too, I just got some 16x sony (made in japan) discs. does 3550 has speed issue for 16x burn like those on 8x burn?

Actually, 11min is even too long for the NEC burners. Burning ±R at 8x should not exceed 9 mins.

Maybe you could use Nero cd dvd speed to perform some nice tests.

This “lower speed” is only with 8x burns on nec burners prior to 4570/4571 I believe.