Nec ND-3550A tuneup

i recently purchased a nec nd-3550a dvd burner. i am using anydnd and clonedvd2 to make my backups. at first i was having dma issue but that was finally resolved. before it was taking 80 minutes to transcode and 40 minutes for the actual burn. (2 hours total) unexceptible. all it took was a little tweaking in bios to get it to change to dma mode. fixed. now it takes 20 minutes to transcode and 10 minutes to burn (same 8X media). 30 minutes total. i was looking around here and i noticed an advertisment for clonedvd2. 15 minutes per backup they say?! wow! i want mine to be like that. is there anyway i can improve the performance on my current setup? would firmware help? heres what i found that i thought might be what i’m looking for. any suggestion would be greatly appreaciated.

LD3550 1.Y5 Orig
Media speedups, strategy tweaks, full bitsetting.

LD3550 1.Y5 RPC1
RPC1, media speedups, strategy tweaks, full bitsetting.

The ND-3550A is not RIPLOCKED, so pressed DVD-VIDEO discs will RIP at 16x SL and 12x DL

here’s my system: dell 4700, P4 3.0Ghz, 512Mb, 250Gb harddrive…

Should be a little faster than that! what is your system?
OK! I see a 4700!

Go into your Dell bios! F2 on boot and check all your settings. Make the 3550 your master! Flash your bios and drive with current FW!

BTW Dell turns off stuff in the BIOS! Check your IDE channels in your BIOS and device manager!
Set mem usage inside of nero!

bios is up to date. changing from slave to master - what does that do? you think i should flash with new firmware also because this is very attractive:

The ND-3550A is not RIPLOCKED, so pressed DVD-VIDEO discs will RIP at 16x SL and 12x DL

Check your IDE channels in device manager!
Flash away! But what speed are you trying to burn at!

Hint! Never go above 12X for good media or 8X for cheap media! Never set it to max burn!

Play the disk for 2 secs before you open it up!

so with this new and modified firmware i will be able to rip at 16X? if it doesn’t work will i be able to reflash it back to stock? i’ve read the rorum on this topic and seems like people are having problem with this new version firmware.

Better burn with more media and yes you can go back! RIP??

Your read speed is at max already on that drive. Most of us never attempt 16X burns with any drive. 12X is faster with most quality media on most drives do to the slow downs at the end correcting for errors!
Burn at 8X with cheap media!
NECs can be an exception to that rule! You will just have to check it out! But I never burn at max or 16X anymore! Trust me!

flashed my firmwarefrom v1.05 to 1.y4. no difference. whats the purpose of it anyway?

If you really want to max your rip speed, get a dvd rom that can read at full speed.

You probably won’t notice a big diffrence as your burner already reads at 12x, but the liteon can go up to 16x with modified firmware.
Also, I’m not certain about your particular model drive, but nec’s are not always the best readers. My nec3500 is one of the greatest burners out there, but not the best reader. If the disk is even a little scratched, the liteon may do beter reading it making the process a little faster from that too.

RIPIT is right of course!
FW updates your drives ability to burn media correctly!
The 3550 is twice as fast as the 3500 so you are good to go as far as speed!

PS! 30 mins total is not bad! Be happy!