NEC ND-3550A Shows as CD Drive when DL dics are inserted

Have had the NEC ND-3550A for a few days now and it burns Verbatim SL 16X discs great. However, when I insert DL discs they show up as CD’s. I’m using Nero 6 and have tried Verbatim and Fuji DVD+R DL. Running Win XP Pro on Dell Dimension 4600. I have tried the drive on cable select and as a slave to my regular DVD-Rom drive.

You need to upgrade Nero to burn dual layer properly. You can also download a freeware called ImgBurn and use it to burn dual layer.

Thanks! ImgBurn recognizes the media great. Now my next step is to find a program to take the couple video files from my hard drive into an ISO so I can transfer them to the disc.