NEC ND-3550A + Ritek 8cm G04 = Minimal Pi/Po errors, correct?

Hi - Would I be correct in thinking that a NEC ND-3550A (complete with the Liggy and Dee FW) would allow me to burn on 8cm Ritek G04s with little to no Pi/Po errors?


No pi/po errors? This is wishful thinking.

Why is that? Based on what I’ve read here the NEC creates burns with significantly less Pi/Po errors on read back but the drive itself is prone to exaggerations so may report more than is present, correct?

I ask because my old Pioneer 106 is becoming a bit tired and I need a new drive that burns nicely on 8cm Riteks for my GameCube.

So back to the original Q - Will the NEC in combination with 8cm Ritek’s allow me to burn discs that don’t spike with large amounts of Pi/Po errors toward the end (which cause my GameCube to DRE).


It should be fine with 8cm DVD R

Superb, thanks man.

The drive and media arrived, here’s how my burns look:

How come I still get a spike toward the end of the disc and what do you think of the burn quality?


Are you sure it’s a genuine @4X burn? Looks like 2.4X, or overspeeded burn to me… too many PIFs for a @4X burn (unless you ended up with lower grade G04, which is alwyas a possiblity). But then there’s the testing drive… :doh:

You can’ rely on older PIONEER drives for scanning. Specially not for PIEs :disagree: - don’t even look at it, only PIF reporting can be more or less useful with these drives, if that. What is reported as PIE are NOT PIEs. :cop:

You should scan only with LiteOn, Benq or Plextor drives (though some specific Samsung and Sony models are OK too).

Be sure to burn these discs @4X unless you want to take risks. Don’t overspeed them. Also, G04 can be prone to fast degradation, so be sure to backup the data on some other media.

I’m using 8cm Traxdata:

How do I tell if it’s a genuine 4x speed burn? I used CloneCD to burn an ISO and selected 4x (my NEC now has official firmware 1.07). Thanks for the info though - mucho helpful.