NEC ND-3550a Questions

Looking at purchasing a NEC ND-3550a DVD burner. The drive would primarily be used to read DVDs. So, (question 1) how well does this drive read DVD’s (commercial, along with custom burned)? Are there any audio/visual synch issues or any other issues?

If so, what drives do you guys recommend (doesn’t necessarily have to be a DVD burner, just looking for something that burns CD’s and plays DVD’s. I am looking at this because I found a good price on it).


Welcome to the forum. With newer hardware, no DVD drive today should have any problem reading a DVD in good condition. The NEC 3550 is one of the last good NEC drives so I wouldn’t talk you out of it. They do not have a great reputation for reading badly scratched discs, but other than that you should be fine. If you burn CDs keep your burn speed near 24X and you will get better results, unless you get TY CD media. Most of the stuff around today (Brand labels) is CMC and that media is just average.

Pioneer111D is a good all-around drive. It uses the same chipset and has excellent firmware support, thanx to U can make it region-free and play any dvd out there. Mainly, if u mod it, u get labelflash and dvd-ram support in comparison to 3550.