NEC ND-3550A Having Problems Reading Newer [Adult Swim] DVDs?

Yeah, I dont know why, but my drive is having problem reading newer Adult Swim DVDs. I’ve used Netflix to rent both Volumes of Harvey Birdman, and both Volume 2 discs would not read on my NEC Drive, while both Volume 1 Discs worked perfectly. Same thing happened with Volume 2 and 3 of Aqua Teen (Volume 2 works great, while Volume 3 wont work). So im thinking that the newer volumes are made by different manufacturers than the other volumes (The discs I rented all have artwork, so im sure they arent copies btw).

The thing is, I know its my NEC Drive, because the discs that dont work will work on my other PC’s Lite-On + HP Drives, and it works on my TiVo. The NEC Drive has never had a problem reading DVDs before, and since its been my primary Optical Drive since March, its seen many discs.

I thought upgrading the firmware from 1.05 to 1.06 would maybe fix the problem, but it do anything to help me. The discs are pretty much clean, one disc even seemed new. When I put in the disc that wont read, it will try reading it for about 5 seconds, but instead of spinning up the disc, it will make a sound (like two really fast click sounds) before determining the drive is empty.

So, im not sure what the problem is, so can anyone help me? Oh, and hi, im new here. Someone mentioned this forum to help me with my problem, and from the looks of it, im sure he is right. Thanks in advance

Welcome to CDFreaks:

May be you have spyware or any germ that make your NEC drive incapacitated try to restore your system to 2 months ago see if that help.