NEC ND-3550A firmware flash gone awry

Hi, i have a 3550A drive, firmware rev 1.05 and tried to update it with the original 1.07 firmware i got a flash error, and the drive started blinking. When i used binflash the flashing process stalled at 0x10000. Somehow the firmware is now f**cked up, and it’s not even possible to read discs with it, Binflash doesn’t recognise it anymore. The original nec 1.05 flasher does recognise it, but gives me the flash error. The drive doesn’t blink anymore, except when powering on.

Desperate i tried using btflash or btflashx, but it unfortunately gave me the following error:

Select the drive to be used:

1.  \\.\G:   _NEC     DVD_RW ND-3550A  1.05
Enter the number of your choice: 1
Processing the Bootcode file...
Reading checksum ....
// sptxSay.DeviceIoControl: x79 (121) The semaphore timeout period has expired.
// sptxSay x 0 0 4 E (ioctl status length senseLength)

Is there any low level (DOS) way to recover my drive? Or is it just become a paperweight? :sad:

Flash it in another computer and in SAFE MODE.

Also, if you have tried anything with crossflashing, then please read the regarding thread - nothing else.

No, just stuck with the 3550 firmware. I’ve read on certain sites about The Dangerous Boys dos flashers, but there isn’t one for the 3550 drive :frowning:

Flash it again in SAFE MODE or on another computer.

Chef: Are you saying that firmware can be flashed over in safe mode if that is what someone expects to be the problem. I ask the question cause i flashed my liteon up from 4s07 to 4s09 latest firmware. Just wondered if i could reflash it 4 months later. Soory don’t mean to hijack thread. But nobody elsewhere will ansew a flashover question and you guys were on the topic.

Flashing in SAFE MODE just leaves creepy 3rd party software drivers out of the area.
So it is much safer and also it is required by some updaters/packages.