NEC nd-3550a dvd writer, cdr speed limit

Ive got a nec nd-3550a dvd writer,
and, I’ve been bothered by the speed limit I have when burning cdr media…
When i burn dvds i can burn with 16x, but only at 8x when Im burning a CD.

Ive read some place that it is a limitation by NEC that causes this, but i cant find the thread again, can anyone help me?
or tell me how the he** i can remove this limit and which tools to use?


You are probably using CD-R media that the NEC firmware doesn’t know about, and so it burns that media with a default speed and write strategy.

There’s a small chance you can fix this by updating to a newer firmware, but more likely you have to get different CD-R media.

This is normal with NEC drives try good brand of CD-R (e.g. Fuji, Verbatim, Sony) you fwill see the difference.

the reason is not the media, ive tried alot of different medias including sony and verbatim…

Try to reflash the f/w you are using once again.

f/w? which means?

In case it was the media, some says that i could get the media id, and apply it to a bitsetting firmware? what do i use to do such an opperation?

Open Nero info tools and on the first window look for your drive firmware version then go to Liggy/Dee forum in NEC and find your drive f/w version and then flash it one more time.

is there a way of implementing an unknown disk id to the table of disc recognized by the nec burner?

inorder to do that you have to be able to modify the writing strategy of the NEC drive, BTW why do you want to insert the unknown ID disk in to your drive? may be that is why you have problem because you are using unknown and unsupported disc.