NEC ND-3550A cannot work with 5.25" ENCLOSURE

it can read cd,cdr, but cannot read any dvd i ever burned… i tried dvd-r, dvd+r, dvd-rw, none of those worked.

however, the drive works perfectly if put in the desktop, only cant work as a USB2.0 external drive.

I tried another enclosure which works fine…

is it possible some enclosures only support the standards below dvd-rom, but cant support dvd burners?

the chip of the enclosure is NEC D720130.

can any one help me on this problem?


the brand is Best Connectivity and the chipset is NEC uPD720130.

here it is:

this enclosure detects burned discs as blank ones…

any ideas?

Applications Enables products with an IDE I/F (HDD, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD-ROM, etc.) to support USB 2.0.

does this mean it doesn’t support DVD burners?

can a firmware update solve this? if so, where can i get the firmware, ive been googleing a long time…

Yes that is exactly what it means.

Welcome to the forum. As stated above, certain chipsets will not support optical drives. The best chipset for DVD burners is the Prolific 3507, and the most reliable source is here:

They also make a USB model with the Cypress AT2 chip which I have never tested but Dealsonic says will work.

but it says “etc”… :confused:

somebody helps me plz…


I have 2 USB enclosures with Cypress AT2 manufactured by Chronos and my 4551 will write, but not read at max speed.
So to sum it up

The best chipset for DVD burners is the Prolific 3507

Here is a reading speed sample: