NEC ND-3550A cannot read DVD+RW disk



I burned a FujiFilm DVD+RW upto 4x disk on my Philips DVDR3390 and did the make compatible so it would play on other dvd players. It player on another dvd player and it plays on my Plextor PX-712a player on my computer. When I put it into my NEC, all it comes up with is, Audio CD with track01. I have DEE’s ND3550 1.y6 firmware. Any ideals on why my NEC drive will not see this as a DVD disk and how to correct?


It would seem your ND-3550A has some problems reading the disc, or perhaps the disc has some strange “booktype”.


I have two ND-3550A drives with 1.Y6 on them. Neither will read the DVD+RW disk. I have two Plextor drives, both will read the disk, I have a LG GCC4521B, it will read the disk and I have a TSST Corp TS-H492A, it also reads the disk. Is there anything that I left out or was suppose to do after I flashed the drive? Just does not seem right that only the NEC’s cannot read the disk.