NEC ND-3550A-Black-OEM $39.75 Shipped @Newegg 1 day only

A “One Day Only” special.

ND-3550A Black, OEM $39.75 with free shipping.

Includes a free Newegg cd (24) wallet:

I have been putting off upgrading my Sony CD-RW CRX160E for a while folks and this seems to be the best bang for the buck for all-round use. I know there are other drives with better quality for varying purposes, but this seems like a good deal for a budget purchase. Am I wrong?

Also as a combo deal with this purchase from Newegg:

LEGACY 4.7GB 8X DVD-R 25 Pack Cake Box Disc - Retail $8.00 (reg. $15.00)

Doesn’t say about shipping or not on these as a combo offer.

Anyone ever try these? Are they any good? Price works out to 32 cents each (shipping is a question still).

Just an FYI !!!

You can get a MadDog (NEC 4550) this week at CC for $49.95 (after instant & rebate)…

Not bad, if you like dealing with rebates. I for one am just as content with the OEM. It’s so easy to find freeware these days, and the bundled software packages have a tendency to be shoddy.

Hmmmmm… decisions, decisions…

The CC Mad Dog MD16X3DVD98X (NEC 4550) deal looks tempting. Though I don’t have any immediate need for DVD-RAM it would be nice to have that option.

The Mad Dog unit has a two (2) year warranty as well which is a consideration.

Has anyone ever tried to RMA a Mad Dog unit? Does MD honor the warranty without a lot of hassle?

what is dvd ram? :smiley:

what is dvd ram? :smiley: and is that what they call a rebadge { nec -maddog]