Nec ND-3550A Becomes "Raw" format when I insert a disc



OK, it’s a weird situation. I have a NEC ND-3550A and a Bytecc IDE external enclosure. The jumper on the NEC is set to master, as that is what will work with the enclosure.

When there is no disk in the DVD-RW drive and I go to My Computer and click on the disk, the properties that come up show the drive as “CD Drive” and “Unknown Format”. My DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives (both inside my computer) are in CPFS format.

When I insert a DVD-RW disc into the DVD-RW drive, the format under the “CD Drive” window turns to “Raw”, and I cannot open the disc, as I get an error saying: “This disc is not accessible”, nor can I burn to the disc, as it thinks that there is nothing there.

I am on a Dell 8400, P4 3.2, ATI Radeon X300/550, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB 7200 RPM HD, Echo MiaMIDI soundcard. The burning program that I am using is Click 'N Burn

Nero InfoDrive is not even registering that the NEC drive is connected :doh:

Please, what do I do to make my computer burn DVDs?? I don’t need movie burning, just plain data DVDs

Thank you all,


What do you expect from “reading” a blank media?
Use a proper burning app.


thank you for your reply sir.

which burning app do you suggest is the best apart from Nero??


nevermind, I have found the DVD burner “Cheetah”, which finds my drive. I believe I have solved the problem. Thank you Chef!