Nec ND-3550 only burning @ 4x

I currently own a ND-3540A its installed in my system and works great. I use Ridata Ritek 8x DVD-R’s and am able to burn them at 12x using Dee’s 1.W8 firmware. I bought my father a ND-3550 from NEWEGG for x-mas thinking it would be a better drive than my ND-3540A. Well I installed it into my dads comp and flashed it with Dee’s ND3550 1.Y5 Firmware. I tried burning one of my riteks and to my surprise it maxed out at only 4.1x. Is there something wrong with this drive? Did i miss something? Can i fix it? Someone please help!

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It sounds like UDMA mode is not enabled on the IDE channels or BIOS.
Also, it’s worth checking that Microsofts default IDE drivers are installed, as these tend to be the most stable drivers for optical drives.

also try another media type! Update Nero to .18.
All drives, FW, and media are dependent on each other! I have an 110 that burns some media slower than the 109! same with my 4550 and 3500!