NEC ND-3550 only $27.99 shipped @newegg


They just keep getting cheaper and cheaper. I really dont need another drive but for that price I may just have to.

WoW, Free shipping too, I dont have any more IDE controllers for any more drives, I hope they make SATA drives soon for optical drives because my board equipped with 8 SATA lanes but only 4 IDE drives total.

Tax in my state makes it the same as shop4tech’s price. Guess I’ll order from Newegg since they pack their drives better.

:a :a :a They just dumped the free shipping!

Dont you just hate that about newegg!!! I have gotten screwed a couple of times becaused something was on sale, I hesitated and the sale didn’t last but a few hours or a day. You know they must do that on purpose to get us to jump and buy rather than thinking our purchases through.

“you snooze you loose” thats how it is for Newegg. Their prices change in minutes so if it is a sale, it should be minutes sale.

it sucks if you get screwed like that, but it feels damn good if you waited just the right amount of time and jumped on the lowest price then an hour later it’s like $20 more haha. I get all proud of myself when that happens.

i got a great deal on my 19" acer lcd monitor. i paid $175 for it (reg was 239) and I was sure that was as good as it was going to get, then a week later it went down to $149…what are ya gonna do.

the way i figure, if I bought it then I must have thought it was a good deal at the time.

after i buy things, i try not to look at prices on them EVER again :slight_smile:

it pains me to see my video camera that i bought 4 years ago and is still a great camera selling on ebay for like $100 when i paid about $600 for it haha

Well, dont be sad Reasonsnotrules, think this way, if you get that same camera on Ebay as a spare, you save $500. Thats one huge saving. And if you dont want to buy a spare, then think that the ebay one is counterfeit. No pain if you think positively.

How about BenQ 1650 at newegg, $ 32.99 free shipping bundled with a free keyboard? Shipping on the keyboard, however,is not free.


Especially when Newegg lists it as a [B]Weekend Sale[/B]-eh!


Considering that the shipping cost $5.46 then this is not really that good of deal.

When NewEgg starts lowering the price of a particular DVD Burner to these low prices generally means that they have the next newer generation NEC DVD Burner in their Warehouse and they are attempting get rid of the older stock.

In that light it also makes this deal unappealing.

As off right now, there is no noise of the newer drive launching or no preview on the newer drive. Same thing goes for BenQ. So I dont think there will be any new drives launched unless it is an HD-DVD burner or Blu-Ray burner. As of for DVD drive, I see the end of era for the DVD drive since the newer drive that burns HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD are backward DVD compatable and it also burns DVD. So I dont think they lower the drive to make room for newer DVD burner, they either do that because Chinese markets has lowered prices on their DVD burners or it is the beginning of Blu-Ray/HD-DVD transition.

As usual, I saved a screenshot when newegg offers free shipping (only a couple hours). :bigsmile: At least if I’m not mistaken this was the first time I see a dvd burner for less than $30 shipped.

Checked newegg and found the shipping cost has been added. I guees some deals will only last for a couple of hours.
Got a BenQ 1650 instead at $32.99 with free shipping.

IMHO the burner you ordered is worth far more than the $5 difference in terms of overall quality.

I still think they will launch more non-HD-Blueray drives. They will need something to make money on.

Who is going to start shelling out ~$1000 for a burner? Not me but I will for sure buy 2-3 $40-$60 drives a year.

I still think they have a huge market for that lower price range.

But then one has to wonder what the quality of those drives will be.

Zevia, believe you, I saw the free shipping too. Just that Newegg price is so transient, one minute you see it, the other minute you dont. I have so many drives right now and so many blanks, I wish the reliability of the the drives I have is not as good so it gives me reasons to go out and buy new ones. But unfortunately, all the BenQ/NEC drives I have bought, are all reliable. Who would have thought I still have BenQ 1620 pro with very high milage on it. burnt so many disc on that drive and it still running. I have 2 computers + a laptop, 7 DVD drives altogether 8 if the drive in the laptop is included, 1 reader (DVD-ROM made by lite-on) and 6 are burners, 7 if the laptop drive is included but I never use my laptop drive to burn/read anything. Call me crazy call me a freak, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. I also bought 3 spindles of 100 each of Verbatim +R 16X a few days ago for $20 each. Good thing that store only have 3 spindles left or else I would have over 2k of blank DVDs lying around in my room/closet.

This is undeniable evidence good for those who caught it in that 2 hours time frame, thanks zevia for posting that.