NEC ND-3550 burning DVD+R in Z-CLV?

I have the latest Nero 6, and its got the reg entry to show the “real” burn speed. My NEC, burning a data DVD+R, burns at 4x, then 6x, then 8x; A few minutes at each step, and an obvious move between them. I thought this was a CAV burner with DVD+R. Am I mistaken?

The particulars:
AMD XP 3000+, 1GB RAM, DMA on all channels, burning data from defragged 7200RPM HD on different IDE channel. It’s not a speed thing.

Tried L&D’s 1.y4 & 1.y5 firmwares, and bitsetting to both DVD-rom & DVD+R. Should I try a stock FW?

Hello Jester and welcome to the forum.
NEC drives only use CAV on 16x media where they are supported at 16x and 16x or 12x is the selected burn speed. All 6x - 12x burns are Z-CLV on media that is supported from 6x to 12x.

Heh. Silly me. Thank you.

So, is that pretty standard behavior among modern drives? I’m not sure why CAV at 8x would be any less reliable on good 8x media (assuming that’s the reason they don’t use it), but OK. Is NEC alone in doing this, or does pretty much everyone do it?

It mainly depends on the firmware and who coded it.
CAV/P-CAV is harder to include than CLV is. :wink:
Pioneer dvd burners using the same chipsets from NEC and the used strats/write-speeds are similar.