NEC ND-3550/4550@4551, ND-3570/4570@4571, AD-5170/7170@7173, 5200/7200@7203 discussion thread

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Believe me, it works :cool: but you have to use necflash 1.24. Problems are reported using 1.25 version with the bootflashing tool.

Binflash 1.24 or earlier should not be made available in any way! :cop:

How do you plan to stop this? You yourself released this version and is on the Internet right now. The only thing we can do overhere is not to mention a working link…

And Liggy, don’t forget, it was you who opened Pandora’s box by figuring out the bootflashing :doh:

Not forwarding links or files should help for the moment.

If I find out about this or maybe see other well known sites hosting the file, this could mean the end of any modified NEC firmware or the availability of new NEC tools from Dee and me. I guess you know what I mean and I guess some people should act immediately!

I wonder if people prefer the short term or the long term sight.

BTW: I didn’t give away files that were sent to me privately! And it was TDB who figured it out - not me!

That’s true. Any idea who this ‘Nec_dude’ is?


Due to licensing reasons and the interest of all involved parties, please follow and understand the following thread-rules:

[ul]Please do not request links to this tool at CDFreaks
[li]Please do not post any links to this tool at CDFreaks
[/li][li]Please do not attach the tool to your post at CDFreaks
[/li][li]Please do not post any direct or indirect hints where this tool can be found or obtained[/ul][/li][/quote]

I have to be carefull not to tell anything without breaking above rules :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the “bug” in binflash? I just flashed with the version that was bundled with Dee’s latest 4551 firmware (before Binflash changed).

@ Liggy,

If we are now being so honest then why make the misleading and less than honest posting at Liggy’s and Dee’s Blog ( concerning the reason why you discontinued BinFalsh v1.24 released BinFlash v1.25.

Isn’t the real true reason BinFlash v1.25 was released was to prevent 3550/3551/4550 @ 4551?

Best Regards,


But how about the reports from people that they could not use binflash 1.25 to flash their drive, after using the ‘bootflash tool’? If they used 1.24 everything works great…

So, am I going to be able to upgrade to future firmware versions with my 3550 flashed to a 4551? Or will my drive go dead if I try?

I have no idea. But it looks like at least someone was able to do this with 1.25

Maybe an additional check for crossflashed drives was added too. But this definitely was not the only change as plscsi does not work when compiling for 64 bit Windows, something I already tried to make work with my previous Visual Studio version and Binflash 1.20. Unfortunately without success without a local 64 bit Windows installation

You should still be able to flash any 3550 firmware, if you go back to 3550. I cannot guarantee anything else!

well i went back to the orignal way my drive was sold .if its unethical to convert it to 4551 i dont wanna do it so im back to a 4550 with stock nec firmware which was hard as hect to find by the way.but far as the converion it went great i could do data side lf and it burnt nicly

That would be a very sad day indeed especially when you consider the large number of people that have already benefited from your collective and very much appreciated efforts. :frowning:

Lets hope sense prevails.

Liggy do you mind if I PM you with some information on this topic?


Sorry, but it had to be done. It’s not that I wanted it this way.
But it looks like many people only want to take everything they can. Most of them only wanting more without acknowledging the time and efforts other people spent.

From my contact form I recently received complaints(!), why no modified firmwares for the 3551 are available. This is not why I was spending time on this stuff.

You may of course send me a PM, but whether I reply or not depends on the content of your PM :wink:

As far as I am concerned L&D have spoken and the case is closed. Of course lots of work arounds will be available on the web somewhere or another but I respect their wishes. If they say they don’t want this subject discussed on the forum they must have good reasons. They have provided too much of value in the past and they deserve the benefit of our trust.
Come on guys, let this die a natural death; give L&D a rest so they can continue the fine work they have provided over the years. I don’t want to contemplate a future without their firmware and advice. :sad:

C0deKing started this thread and I think Liggy knew about it otherwise this thread was closed already! So talking about NEC ND-3550/4550@4551 is what we are doing overhere.