Nec ND-3540A when available?

Anyone know when the 3540 will be available in the Netherlands?


NEC knows.

Today I got one answer on my two questions I submitted:
(I replied directly to the first question again,
when will the new 3520A FW be released!)

Dear Mister Schouten,

we plan to launch ND-3540 during april 2005. McDos in Nijmegen can also be
contacted if you like.

Best regards,

Welcome at CEBIT 2005, NEC hall 2 / booth B10

Best regards
Sandra Segbert

Area Sales Manager France, Benelux, Spain
NEC Deutschland GmbH, Reichenbachstr. 1, D-85737 Ismaning
Bus: +49(0)89 / 96274-225, fax - 550
mobile: +49(0)170 / 9974103

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together is a success

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betreff : Other Requests
reqd_info : Please can you tell me when the new Firmware Update for the NEC
3520A will be released ?
website : For me it works fine…
produkten : I like to buy the new 3540A, when will it hit the market?
B1 : Send


mvg Harry

Dell are shipping them with their new systems and replacements for faulty dvd burners in australia

are you sure that isn’t the 3450?

Dell has the 3450, not the 3540. Same numbers, different positions. :slight_smile: Unless, Dell really has started with the 3540s.

i hope the drive comes with P-CAV for 8x DVD burns.