Nec nd-3540a speed?



Well i just backed up another of my disks that took 40 mins to read!, i dont know whats going on, but can someone tell me how to make my burner speed up?

It just took me 15 mins to burn


I had the same problem with my nec3530. They aren’t very good rippers… You could see about updating the firmware with one that has riplock removed.


Doesnt that void the warenty and shorten the lifespan of the drive?


ineed to know how to copy dvd’s that are copy writed


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You never told us what “backup” program you use, your system (HW) setup, aso.

If you rip, decode, transcode/shrink at same time then maybe in your case 40 minutes is just the time it takes to backup the movie in question. Some of these tasks also taxes CPU heavily.

BTW, my ND-3500 has been speed unlocked for almost 1½ year now and still ripps/burns like a champ after more than 300 backups. Retirement time soon though, me thinks. :smiley:


ah… sorry, im using slysofts clonedvd2… however im sure that ive been able to transcode much quicker than this… as i dont have the first clue about what i would be doing if i was updating the firmware, and potentially damaging my drive by doing so, i think that ill skip the firmware updates, and leave my drive how it is. I was just worrying that my drive was dieing, as i bought my computer custom made, and to save on money, they used (some) second hand parts. I was just worried that they may have bought the drive second hand. As long as it is normal for the drive to take this long, i think that i just buy a new drive, without riplock.


Just an idea, when or if you do decide to get a drive that isn’t riplocked…have a “practice” flashing firmware on your NEC (hey, if you get another drive eventually, you’ve nothing to lose, right?). As long as you follow instructions, and take each step slowly, all should be fine. :slight_smile:


Id rather not… as if i get another drive without riplock, i can rip with the new one, and burn with the nec, im too much of a noob to be playing around with my drives, as i can imagine something going horribly wrong and not being able to use my beloved nec drive. Anyway, the riplock must be there for a reason right? nec wouldnt write software to slow down your drive unless there was a reason to do so.


I have flashed the firmware on both my 3540 and 3520 with and without riplock and never noticed any difference in ripping speed on either drive. The only thing I gained was bitsetting and better write performance with some of L&D,s firrmware. I haven’t used either drive in close to a year but do not recall them being that slow.
Does clonedvd2 encode and shrink at the same time? (never used it before)
Like “pinto” said, doing all at once does take time.


I did a comparison by running two movies, the same length, and did one on one system reading from nec3500 using stock firmware and writing to Pioneer a07xla, and the other movie on new nec3530 using dees firmware (no riplock removed), and writing to Plextor px716. The entire movie was complete, dvdshrink, dvdcrypter, burned and ejected, before the nec3530 was done even reading in the movie to the HD. Using the same system before this, when I had my benq 1620 in it, the times between the two systems were almost identicle. I even switched movies between the systems, and the nec3530, was just a really slow reader. Good burner, but slow reader. I may eventually try removing the riplock and see if it makes a difference, but all three other dvd burners rip at good speeds.


Great comparison test. Maybe thats why I kept trying firmware with the riplock removed! They “ARE” slow readers!


Ah, now i think i know why it was taking so long. Anydvd was bypassing the encryption, which apparently takes alot of time, which is why copied dvds can be read so quickly. Have enabled css key archive now, so hopefully backing up will be quicker in the future.