NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



hmm… I thought this kind of setup --ODD with HDD in the same channel-- is not good. Perhaps that explains the speed drops? You never know what’s going on with windoze in the background while you’re burning…


yar…sharing HD and writer is a no no.
i only connect drives on the same channel, unshared by HD.


yes there are. for instance Prodisc as in

16x with not speed drop. the hardware/ide config is the same throughout for all my tests posted in this thread. so i guess it might be media quality issue.


But the data I burn is not on that 80GB HD. So it shouldn’t matter think…


Scorpiosoft have you been able to burn other 16x media at 16x successfully?


In the past I’ve burned many media on 16x with succes. I will see if I can burn 2 other YUDEN000 T02 DVD+R’s this evening on the 3540.


Technically you are correct. However your 3540 is shared with the C drive (?) and I assume that is where the virtual memory paging file normally located. Well it doesnt hurt if you switch the 3540 with the 3520 and see what happens.


Yes, it’s in combination with my C drive but I don’t use a ‘virtual memory paging file’ . I have 1GB of internal memory and no need there for a virtual memory paging file.


VictorJVC 6x DVD-RW at 6x, Z-CLV
not good.


6x on 6x Verbatim DVD-RW is great.

13x read back on DVD-RW is also commendable.:slight_smile:


So here are two scans from my 3540 1.W2 burner. Both are YUDEN000 T02 dvd+r media at 16x.

3540 drive as Slave on Pri. IDE

3540 drive as Master on Sec. IDE

Both have the same drop around 2.5GB. So is there anybody who can tell me what that is?


Most motherboard manufacturers recommend that hard drives goes on one IDE channel and your optical drives goes on the other. From what I have read, you are never suppose to intermix the two.


I got the 3540 drive together with the 3520 drive on the Sec. IDE port. There is now nothing intermix and still the drop at 2.5GB.


Off topic…Why some people have like 3-4 different internal DVD-RW in the same PC!!! In my case I have over 520 GB of hard drives in my PC but only 1 internal DVD-RW and my old DVD-RW is external!! :slight_smile:


ScorpioSoft have you checked your ide drivers? Tried resetting your BIOS to optimized defaults? Made sure you have a 80 pin cable on the drive (Not sure if that would make much difference but worth a try)?


If I don’t know that already… that’s not the problem :wink:
But thanks for thinking along :bow:


Offtopic to ScorpioSoft

Can you write something with 1.W2 and CopyToDVD?
I’m so lonely in statistics…


Oh well maybe the batch of media you have just can’t handle it. Varainces in batches happen. Shrugs.


Will see what’s possible… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got the TG001133 batch, but I’ll try them also on the 3520.