NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



Hmm… My drive comes with the DVD+R DL-9 Support Logo.
I bought my drive from, has been working nice I’m pretty happy.

From the scans I’ve done with a LiteOn the burns look as good as a 3500A =).
Not bad at all, this drive looks promising, and with a little more tweaking this drive will deliver quality :bigsmile:.



“nada” in russian means “need, needed”


No DVD+R DL-9 support logo on my new drive… noppes, nada, niente… :wink:


:bigsmile: hehehe…in my country, nada means nope, dont have, in indian,

well , i order this drive from a local retail shop, i hope its as good as my 3500a, what do you guys thinks is the best firmware for the moment? :wink:


Optodisc 16x DVD+R at 16x on Iodata stock 1.21


Samsung 16x DVD+R (RITEKR04) at 16x


RICOH 8x DVD+R at 12x on f/w Iodata stock 1.21


Verbatim 8x DVD+R at 8x max (MCC003)


Imation 16x DVD+R (RICOHJPNR03) at 16x


Smartbuy 16x dvd-r at 16x. no speed reduction!


Prodisc 16x dvd+r at 16x


Fujifilm 8x dvd-r at 12x, MAX SPEED.


Fujifilm 8x dvd+r at 16x, yudent02


raygay, you’re a busy man with al that burns and pics. Thanks for that!

The last scan ‘Fujifilm 8x dvd+r at 16x, yudent02’ is better at 12x I think :sad:


thanks scorpio for your ‘accolades’
when i got new toy i will be kinda relentless playing it until i got satisfied. hehe.

this drive behaves very much like my 3530a. the speed reduction phenomemon is curious. i wonder why it doesnt happen on 3520 but on 3530 and 3540. can it be firmware issue?


Does your 3530 and 3540 share the same IDE channel as your hard drive?


I got;

Pri. Master: HD 80GB
Pri. Slave: NEC 3540
Sec. Master: Benq 1625
Sec. Slave: NEC 3520
Raid (IDE) Master: HD 120GB
Raid (IDE) Slave: HD 160GB

I can make good DVD on-the-fly copies from 3520 to 3540 :slight_smile:


nope.but they share with other drives.

the speed reduction is not just my encounter. if you read the japanese
YSS review site, the guy mentioned the same.


And here are the results of the Dutch jury :wink:
YUDEN000 T02 (FUJI) at 16x


The drop in burn speed is not so hot. But the scan is not too bad nonetheless. Do you have any media that DOES burn at 16x without a drop? I wonder sometimes whether peoples systems can actually handle a 16x burn or not, giving misleading results. To bastardise a Blade Runner line. I like to see a positive before being provided with a negative. :iagree: