NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



anyone noticed that the drive actually comes with a DL-9 support logo?


cool… :smiley: please upload firmware to liggy … how much you bought from iodata ?


the price is unmentionably ex. :frowning:

those interested in teh firmware i hav uploaded to
name: raygay123
pwd : 9BvfLQ

there is also nec3530a 3.23 f/w bin file


Thanks !! ( hard to find download link … :confused: )

Malaysia selling this very cheap … but only 1month warranty :stuck_out_tongue:


My 3540 Dosn’t come with the DL-9 logo… :confused:


how abt other drive owners. feedback welcome:)


For some of you : it’s more simple to hide disc label with this option :


Yeh…, the page is in swedish. Just log in (LOGGA IN!) and follow the steps in attached pic. :slight_smile:
name: raygay123
pwd : 9BvfLQ

Thanks raygay.


No DL-9 logo here…

My swedish is ‘ok’ because I found the download link myself :bigsmile:


On my 3540 there’s no DL-9 logo too.
my 3500 and 3540 look’s exactly same.


Back to old times ! Some NEC 2510 comes with the DVD+R DL logo (mine does), some were not, and so look exactly the same as 2500… There were more chances to get the logo with black drives.


Funny. I never noticed it, but indeed my 2510 has no DVD+R DL. Tomorrow I’m going to jump on the 3540 bandwagon and see if the logo is on that drive. And post a few scans to stay ontopic. :bigsmile:

Maybe the logo is missing on some 3540-drives because they still have lots of 3520-trays left and want to get rid of those first?


Here is a picture of my RPC1 & Riplock removed NEC 3540 1.21 drive :slight_smile:

Download at own risk, 1.21_rpc1


First scan’s with the modded 1.21 firmware. Blank label DVD+R is used which gives not that good results, I now.
Shame for that one PIF spike otherwise the max PIF would be 3!


Testing PNG pong, excuses if this don’t work…

8x FujiFilm (MID: Yuden000 T02) 16x burn

“I passed the test” (tonight it didn’t)



It works with the PNG! Try to use the english Nero CD-DVD Speed for this international forum… :wink:



Next time I will, thanks for the tip !


I have bought the black fronted 3540 and that doesn’t have the DL-9 logo. It looks identical to the black fronted 3520.


By me the same, noppes, nada, niente…nothing

@kinto The 3540a from NEC in this forum likes to be the one for you to buy!
I too was not shure wich one to buy, the guys pointed me the right direction !


TDK 001
Burned with CopyToDVD @ 8x firmware 1.W1
Let the pictures speak. I can’t say nothing. It was a surprise for me…

Maybe TDK 001 can be burned @12 or @16 too…