NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



Hmm… Dee what do you think?..

The scanning has me frustrated, lol…
Yeah it makes my Lite-On scans seem perfect, I’ll post some later :).

TTG02 (TDK) Burn Speed 8x


Now for some CD-R… Not bad =).

CMC Magnetics 48x (Memorex) Burn Speed 48x


Quick scan comparison…
NEC ND-3540A / Sony DRU-710A (Lite-On Rebadge)
Both drives were used to scan the same disc.

Hmm… Any thoughts, anyone :confused:.

MCC 004 (Verbatim) Burned at 16x on a NEC 3500AG


And how does transfer rate look like ?
I suspect for a long time that new LiteOn based drives underreport PI/PIF values. Or better say… they are very good readers… too good. =)


Here you go Quikee :slight_smile:

MCC 004 Dual Transfer Rate Test :smiley:


How does Philips or Samsung DVD+R compare to other media. T.Y. and Verbatim are a bit spendy in the U.S., and Philips and Samsung are cheaper than either of those, but more expensive than Ritek and Prodisc. I’m looking to get 16x DVD+R’s. I’ve searched through different threads but had a hard time tracking down scans / reviews / opinions of those two manufacturers media. I have a 3540A, (BTW).Thanks…


Verbatim 8x MCC02RG20 Burned@4x


Ridisc 4x RitekG04 Burned@4x


Datawrite Titaniums 8x CMC MAG.AE1 burned@8X


Ok taking a risk here but what the h…

I got the ND-3520 to replace my ND-3500. The 3520 had PIE/PIF scanning so I thought this would be a reasonable upgrade. Turned out it wasn’t after all. Why? First of all I kept getting better burns using my ND-3500. Secondly I seriously doubt the reliability of the PIE/PIF scanning on the ND-3520. Eventually I decided to keep my ND-3500 and ditch the ND-3520. From what I have seen so far the ND-3540 doesn’t seem to cut the mustard either - neither did the BenQ 1620 Pro IMHO.

If you guys want a new toy with better specs than the ND-3500 I’d recommend the Pioneer DVR-109 anytime. I’ve had mine for 5 days now but I’m pleased so far. I’ve attached a few scans for your pleasure:) Please note the low PIF totals.

Now if only Liggy, Dee-27 and Quikee would pickup Pioneer firmware modding … :slight_smile:


Verbatim DVD+ MCC02RG20 Burned @4x

Any feedback is welcomed


My Pioneer DVR-109 got beaten by my LG GSA-4163B all the time.
The only thing it did better was ripping (after upgrading to XL firmware).
Write speed were much slower.
Quality scan results of DVR-109 and ND-3520A seem to be comparable.



Hi all, I have to buy my first dvd recorder and I’ve thought at nec 3540.
But now I’ve seen the pioneer quality and it’s so impressive!
Anyone can help me,please? :rolleyes:


drive: blak nec 3540 firmware 1.01
DVD+R: Platinum 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
burned at 12x (max firmware speed)


@cheops That’s a nice burn! :iagree:


Each burner has it’s own characteristics and it also depends on the media and where you get that media from. The firmware I heard on the 3500 when it first came out wasn’t fantastic either but burned certain budget media very well leading to a lot of praise. With firmware upgrades and mods by the people on these forums the 3500 became a great burner. The 3520 has become almost as good. I believe the 3540 has the potential to become a great burner too with some upgrades and tweaks. Maybe even as good if not better than the 3500 (Time will tell).

People place too much emphasis on first firmware results.


I will keep my old trusted 25xx and 3500 till they “die”. Still far better than other NEC’s
Actually I don’t need 25xx, but it just so good allmost all - and + SL media.
In “museum” I’ll keep my Pioneer’s too. DVR-104 and DVR 105.
Memories from that time, when drive was cost about 520$…

Sorry for offtopic :o


I have owned several Pioneer burners, including a DVR-107. I followed the DVR-109 since its release and was so utterly disappointed, I went with NEC instead, (and haven’t regreted it for a moment). The DVR-109 was and still is so dissapointing on so many levels, that I can’t even begin to go into them… I mean it currently supports burning 16x to to only 4 piece of media, that’s it, (look on Pioneers own website). It has terrible support outside of Pioneer, (such as from forums and its users), and the official firmware for it, even 1.40 is still so limited in functionality and media support making it virtually worthless. Pioneer used to be a good company and had my loyalty as a customer for many years. No more.


I wasn’t impressed at all an sold mine after 3 weeks.
I am still very pleased by my LG 4163 on quality media.



dunno this has been mentioned b4, this is the firmware details of my Iodata ABN16D 3540 oem firmware ver 1.21, with autobooktype

1.21 15.04.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: B.04
DVD-R Version: 1.02
DVD-RW Version: B.12
DVD+R Version: 1.04
DVD+RW Version: B.11
DVD+R9 Version: B.08
DVD-R9 Version: B.04

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)