NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



Are you talking about the one with the Quality Score of 90?
No I can’t see it.


Yeah I see it now


Burned a ‘No Label’ CMC MAG E01 on the 3540 with the 1.01bt Liggy firmware.
Normally this media gives not good results but I used it for testing this new firmware.

Drive now supports booktypesetting for all + media with this firmware!!!


I am very curious where the performance of this drive is going.
It’s time to update my good old 1100A, and I’m very interested in the 3540 and the BQ 1640.
Hard to keep patient, It’s itching :slight_smile:


Sup Everyone!

I finaly got my ND-3540A yesterday, updated to K033 fw :D…
Hopefully everything goes good with this drive… C’mon NEC :bigsmile:.

YUDEN000-T02 (TG001133)(FujiFilm Branded)
Burn Speed: 8x (Rated Speed)
Scanning Interval: 5x - 1.00 ECC


Just to be different :slight_smile:

CD burned at 48x (43.8x was the max this burn reached actually)


MCC004 (Verbatim) Burned at 16X


Does anyone know how either Ritek Ridata 16x DVD+R or Prodisc 16x DVD+R burns on a 3540A? I need to buy some media, and in the U.S., those two are the only decent priced media I can find, ($49 / 100, and $42 / 100, respectively). Verbatim 16x DVD+R are $69+ / 100.



Fujifilm03 @ 8x branded as Datawrite Classic grey tops.

I don’t know why it got such a low quality score. It looks like a respectable scan to me.

As you can see it dropped off in speed towards the end of the burn.


This was discussed in another thread. Your score of 40 was because you had a single PIF spike of 14. Your scan was actually pretty good.

Look here, and scroll down a bit to see the explanation


Could it not be the total PI Failures of 2300?

Update: Have a look at post 56 in this thread. That one gets a good score!?


Thanks for the pointer

Prodisc R02 @ 4x branded as 4x Bulkpaq orange printable DVD+R


Has anyone got an TYG02’s to test? I can buy 100 for a reasonable price but want to see what they burn like on this drive before buying.


Sorry, it has nothing to do with the total of 2300. Deadman’s scan was done at 1 EEC but the scan in post 56 you refer to was done at 8 EEC, therefore it gives a different score. If you read the posts I referred to in my previous post, you will find it is all explained.


DeadMan: Beware of fake TYG02.


Do you think these are fake?


yes theyre probably fakes, see :-

the cheapest real ty’s ive bought have been the 8x fuji ones at £29.38 per 100


Real Yuden TYG02 is dash (-R) media… :wink:

Your shop says; “DVD+R 8x: Hyundai Gold DVD+R 8x Speed & DVD Cases”.

That’s crap. :Z Forget it.


Thought it was too good to be true :frowning:

Ritek G04 @ 4x branded as Ridisc 4x DVD-R


The MCC004 i burned earlier on the ND-3540A
This time scanned on Plextor with PXScan