NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



Hmm, am I missing the boat or are these type of scan’s really abnormal for an initial release of the firmware, (1.01), for a brand new drive? It sounds like the 3500 was “good out of the gate”, but wasn’t that the exception to the rule? I followed the DVR-109 for quite sometime, (I was thinking of buying it), but even now, many many months after its release it can still only write 16x to a handful, (maybe 5), media types, (with numerous other issues still present), (I believe the firmware there is at 1.40).




not too impressed either, (who would be)…

But at least these scans show better results than liteon’s. I was the unfortunate owner of one and spend £££ on quality media for it and I got results that u’d get from using crap media on a good drive. bad media didn’t even burn properly at its rated speed after a few months of owning it.

hey that cmc mags scan aint too bad, those discs are soooo cheap. the drives cost pennies so you can’t really go wrong, they currently cost about as much as 150 cheapo discs


Well, i guess i’m going to buck the trend here…

My first couple of scans are showing considerabley better results with my 3540 compared to my old 3520. :smiley:

Infiniti 16x (MCC 03RG20) @ 8x

3520 scan:


Infiniti 16x (MCC 03RG20) @ 16x

Looks really good to me (i’m not an expert though). :smiley:

3520 scan:


More UK Media Scans…

Hey all - got some more media to test with…

Fuji 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000-T02)

Written at 16x, dropped to 12x right at the end.
First scan from the NEC, the next on my DW1620


Maxell 8x DVD-R (MXL RG03) - Branded 25pc Spindle
Written at 16x


Maxell 8x DVD+R (MAXELL 002) - Branded 25pc Spindle
Written at 8x


And finally

Fuji 8x DVD-R (Prodisc F01)
Written at 8x, but would only read back in the NEC at 5x…

God I hate this drive.


Try upgrading to the next firmware.
It may be a beta, but if your having issues with the 1.01 firmware, it may be worth a try.
First posts of scans on that seem O.K. so far.


I’m not going to waste any more disks or time on a beta firmware - the versions show that DVD-R isn’t updated, only DVD+R and others that I don’t use. When an official firmware is released, I’ll run these tests again…


Hmmm, you people here seem to be getting some really rubbish results to put it bluntly.

My 3540 is burning pretty much as well as my 3520 and that is burning very well. I haven’t got scan’s that I can be bothered to post, but I’ll just let you know I use the cheapest discs I can buy that have a printable surface in the UK…

8x DataWrite printable discs (MCC003-000) they cost £10.99 for 25pcs spindles from

These discs are some CMC rip-offs of with the mcc003 media code I believe?

Anyway moral of the story, they’re better quality that the REAL mcc003 discs :slight_smile:

genuine mcc003\004 are so over rated, I find them good at keeping data on a disc when it does do a decent burn, but the discs always have much more pi failiurs than the cheap discs.

Uhhh, sorry gettin off topic…

Anyway, I guess i’m saying I must have a damn good drive going by the scans you lot are posting, they’re utter crap and I’m pleased I bought the drive now cos they’res no way I would have after looking at them. My 3520 was fine as well, all those sour grapes from 3500 owners saying how it had reading problems and what not, yeah well I spose you don’t hear from the people who DON’T have reading problems are around 16x do you? (prolly most people) and not the other way round as it seems to be implied…

ooops, erm anywya good drive, pretty pleased so far - not incredible tho.


May I point out, those are not CMC ripoff disks. They are the current Datawrite product, and they are genuine MCC003 media, or as you put it, the real MCC003 disks.

And you got the price wrong. The price you quoted is for 50 disks, not 25.


My first burn.

Datasafe @ 8x


Datawrite Yellow @ 8x


From what I can tell. The CMC MAG AE1 scans are not as bad as the 3540 scans seem to indicate. An earlier poster scanned in his 3540 and 1620. The 1540 gave an average PI count of 137 whilst the 1620 shows an average of under 7 PI. Which proves to me that that 3540 is just finicky about what dyes it reads. Some dyes it reads better than others but the burns themselves are OK.

So should we really be trusting the 3540’s scans?


YES, you should trust the 3540 to report what it sees.

NO, scanning on a single (type of) drive will not tell you everything you need to know.

IMHO a good burn should read well in ALL non-defective drives, so from my point of view a disc that scans well in one drive and badly in another drive cannot really be trusted!

I usually perform a Read Transfer in my NEC 3500 drive as well as some form of scan (Read Transfer, PIE/PIF) in my Plextor PX-712A if I need to know I have a good disc. If it looks bad in either drive I ALWAYS make my decision based on the worst result!


My first scan post, Verbatim 8x DVD-R…

Hope this works…


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Hmm, when I come into this thread I can see the image… Can anyone else see it?