NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



Ok, just got some Memorex brand 8x DVD+R’s. MID: CMC MAG E01 (000)

I burned the first one at 16x - didn’t read in my XBOX =( the scans didn’t look THAT bad…

The second I burned at 12x - havn’t tried it in the XBOX, but the scans looked better…

(BTW, all scans are at 5x - 8 ECC)


Here’s the 2nd burn at 12x (same image BTW)

EDIT: The 2nd disc did not read in my XBOX… I hope it’s this burn and not this Memorex brand that my XBOX doesn’t like… sigh…


The strat change seems to be better :bigsmile:.
The one with firmware 1.W3 can be found here .

Firmware: 1.01
Strat Used: MCC 004
YUDEN000-T02 (FujiFilm) TG001158 Burn Speed 4x


FujiFilm DVD+R 4x (RicohJPNR01) burned at 8x with f/w 1.01 w/bitsetting:


FujiFilm DVD+R 8x (Yuden000T02 TG001159) burned at 8x using 1.01 stock.
Transfer chart is fine.


Sony DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01) 3540 f/w 1.01 stock

  1. burned @ 4x
  2. burned @ 8x


My TY 16x DVD-R’s, (TYG03), arrived the other day.
Here are the results of my first scan, (posted in another thread), comments welcome.

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Hi all,this is my first post and i must say cdfreaks rules , i wish i discovered this place before.I bought nec 3540a recently and here are scans with Verbatim DVD+R 4.7gb 16x.Any comment would be much appreciated cause i am total newbie.


DVD+R 8x LG (Prodisc-R03-003).
F/w stock 1.01.

  1. 6x burn, excellent.
  2. 8x burn, bad.
  3. 12x burn, very bad.


your 8x burn is not bad at all. NEC reports way higher PIE, and your PIF’s are excellent!


I don’t get it… :confused:
Perhaps I’m stupid,but I don’t understand how it’s possible that CD/Dvd Speed sometimes reports a higher quality score for discs with more errors…
I’ve seen lots of such scans …
At 1st,I thought it had to do with the amount of reported errors,so I started to compare those too,but there are still plenty of cases left… :confused:


The quality score is based on the PIF maximum. The higher your highest spike is, the lower your QS will be.


Normally,it must be,but as you see,same disc scanned on 2 different drives,2 different versions of CD/DVD Speed and the 1 with the highes errors gets the best score… :confused:


roadworker: Also depends on ECC… LiteOn is scanning at 1 ECC, Nec 3520 at 8 ECC (if not set to 1 ECC).


True,but I noticed that by using CDSpeed 4 and 8X ECC,you get always a 95 % quality score if your PIF doesn’t go higher than 9, it doesn’t matter if there are 1000 of those errors or 5000 on the disc…
A scan with a total of 2OO PI failures and only 1 PIF that goes higher than 9,immediatly drops % quality-wise…people would think that 1000 of PI failures at value 9 give a worse disc quality than a scan with 200 PIF with 1 spike that goes up to 10…but it’s the opposite… :confused:


I can’t estimate this burn as “excellent” with so high PI level.
Moreover, high PIF spike is stable.


DVD-R Verbatim 8x (MCC 02RG20), jewel.
F/w 1.01 stock, 8x burn, 8ECC scan.


DVD+R 4x Optodisc OR4, Digitex branded, cake box 10.
F/w 1.01 stock, 4x burn, 8ECC scan.


DVD-R 8x Prodisc S04, eProFormance branded.
F/w 1.01 stock, 8x burn, 8ECC scan.


DVD+R 4x RICOHJPN R01, Sony branded, cake 25.
F/w 1.01 stock, 8x burn, 8ECC scan.