NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



It is so good to see Liggy in the “16x” generation. :D:D:D:D


Agree :iagree:


Here a scan of my ElCheapo (0,13€) RitekG03 burned @6x in 10:57

  1. Scan with Plex (you can see the point NEC goes to 6x burning in PIE)
  2. Scan with BenQ (very low jitter @4x burning speed, about 8%)
  3. Scan with NEC (PIF Error at the same positions like the BenQ so I think the results are comparable)
  4. Transfer AOpen (nearly perfect, 3 “errors” in the smoth curve cause I did something in the “background”)
  5. Transfer NEC (as expected)


And finally the write curve:

Sorry - but I can’t upload more that 5 attachments - maybe some moderator can add this file to the previous post ?

I am very surprized by the 16x error curve the NEC delivers. The results look like the BenQ curve @8x scanning speed.


Just got my 3540 today! New to the forums here, but I’ve been reading up a bit… I burnt City of God on a Ritek R04 (001) at 16x, and here are my scans. Can anyone recommend me some good media to write on this burner? I’ve been parsing through the threads, but there is so much info… The NEC drives like + media better right? What’s burns well at 16x for the 3540?

Edit: Im new to the whole burner community, so are you guys using Nero Speed to burn the images? Cuz I noticed my benchmark was diff than other pics on here…


I need to thank someone else for this. You know who you are, but we should not make it public :wink:


I started a post a few down but figured I would move the new scans here.

These are 2 I did tonight. Both burned at 4x…

With all these errors is it safe to say that the JVC media is the culprit…


You did both scans at maximum speed, which gives incorrect results. It’s better to scan them at 5x.


In response to DeadMan`s request:
(Can anyone who purchased Fuji 8x DVD+R media from please rescan any discs they burned more than a few days ago? I need to see what PIF scores you are getting. See my other thread regarding Yuden T02’s for why. Specifically interested in batches numbered 1159 but other batches would help too as a comparison.)


Very nice burn Yordan. Is this with the original 1.01 firmware? And which burning software did you use?




This was burned with Pioneer109 official firmware 1.50 using Nero


OK wanna see something scary?

Fuji 8x DVD+R YUDEN T02 batch 1159 burned at 16x with Liggy 1.01 bitset firmware at 2:40pm today.

Transfer test was perfectly smooth.

Now the same disc scanned 1 hour and 30 minutes later.

Anyone care to comment on WTH is going on here? How can PIE go down but PIF become so bad?


I was told that the YUDEN000T02 will burn ok with the MCC004 write strat in the 3540 1.01 firmware.


Yes it does burn OK with the MCC 004 write strat (Better than the default strat). But my problem is the scans made only an hour or so later shows crap PIF. I don’t understand it.


Problem is I can’t write at 16 at the moment (I only have a USB cable for my drive…yes it’s external ^^… but I think I’ll buy soon a 6-to-4 pins firewire cable).

My DVD are Fuji Branded too batch TG001133


The first time, did you do the quality scan just after burning the DVD? If so, could it have something to do with how warm the media is after burning.
After 1 hour the media is cool again and could give some other results.
I don’t know if this has something to do with it but in my burner the media is rather warm after a burn and a quality run just after it. But than I would expect better results if the media is cool :confused: or not…


Anyone interested in the Yuden scans please go here as I wish to keep it all in the same place. Thanks.


Oops… Here are the same 2 discs. Both JVC DVD-R media. The fisrt one was scanned at 4x because it didnt give me the option of 5x… The second one scanned at 5x…


I think NEC’s PIE reporting is fuxored - I scan disc in NEC and it shows 110 average PIE, I scan it in LiteOn and it says 1,5 average PIE… that’s like 75 times the difference!