NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



He didn´t mean the DVD media type (-R, +R …) - RitekG05 are alway DVD-R! He ment the name of the disc itself (for example Datawrite Optima Blue, Ridata, Traxdata …). Some are produced very bad or are B-Grade Riteks instead of A-Grade! So the fact is: Some Riteks are better than other Riteks! And, of course, it depends what burner you have. My 3540A doesn´t like the Datawrite Riteks, my LG writes them better (but also not very good).

About the speed: Try for yourself if 8x is better for your discs! But I don´t think so! I burnt a big amount of datawrite riteks with the 3540a drive. With 4x it´s horrible, with 8x it´s even worst! You can see some of my scans here:



You will always get high PIF readings when scanned with a Liteon DVDRom drive. Better to scan on a Liteon burner, or the 3540 it was burned on.


The name of the discs is ANV.


I am curious! What´s your country? In Portuguese it means the same!


The following scores came from a Silverline media.

Should i even keep the DVD? or just burn a new one?

Its strange, i got a 97 score even though my Max PI is 452.
and isnt PI and PIF related? cause my max PIF is low?

what you think?


The quality score is based purely on PIF levels. PIE can be 5,000 and it still won’t change the quality score as long as the PIF readings are low.


So should i keep the media or not?
It is working ok on my computer but im affraid ot wont last that long?


The PIF is far from great but acceptable, but there is way too much PIE for my taste (hm… first time I’m using “pie” and “taste” in this context). I wouldn’t be satisfied with such a burn, but of course it really is up to you.

On average, burns with low PIE/PIF counts will last longer than burns with high PIE/PIF counts, but how long a burn will last is impossible to predict, since it depends on dye quality, burn quality, conditions under which it is stored, how much care you handle them with, how good a dvd-reader you have, and propably some other things.


MCC004 made in India with 1.01d-bitsetting firmware. Read transfer graph was absolutely smooth.


Verbatim DVD+R [MCC 003] Photo Printable Made In Taiwan burned at 8x scanned @ 1ECC - 5x speed
Can’t understand why it’s looking so bad :confused:…bad batch maybe?

btw…transfer rate:


Considering the very high PIE/PIF readings in the quality scan, I’m surprised the transfer rate scan is so smooth :confused:


I would burn those MCC03 with Dee’s W3 firmware at 12x and see what the scan is like. My bet is it will be much better. But you may just have a bad batch or fake MCC03? Worth a try.


Hmm here are some scans of a Fuji +R Taiyo Yuden T02 burnt @8x
Does anyone have any idea why those scans look so bad compared to what I could see until now for those media ?


:iagree: Definately worth a try. Since they are Verbatim branded I doubt they are fake but I have seen differences before between Photo Printable Verbatims and non-printable Verbatims - despite sharing the same mediacode.


Other users have posted results as bad as yours. Though this MID is generally considered to be of very high quality it seeems like some batches are really bad. For the time being nobody seems to know why though. Mine are from batch TG001125 (Fuji branded) and they burn very well. Check your batch number by looking at the burnable side of the disc (it’s printed near the inner ring).


Burn them at 16x with Dee’s W3 firmware. For no reason I can tell they give MUCH better scans!

I too cannot burn them at 8x or 12x and get the same bad scans on this media. 16x you will see the errors drop considerably (Unless they really are that bad which I strongly doubt since I get the same problem).

EDIT: Actually ignore that. Grab a copy of MediaCodeSpeedEdit and swap the YUDEN T02 strategies for MCC004 and burn at 16x. Even though you get some odd PIE peaks it burns better still. See my results here and you will see why


I just scanned a MCC003 disc that was written at 4x. The first scan was made with 1x, the second one with 5x and the last one at full 16x speed. Just to show the scanning differences.


You have a lot of time, if we look at scanning time… :wink: 1x+5x+16x= allmost 1h30m
Anyway thanks to all Your work.


Can anyone who purchased Fuji 8x DVD+R media from please rescan any discs they burned more than a few days ago? I need to see what PIF scores you are getting. See my other thread regarding Yuden T02’s for why. Specifically interested in batches numbered 1159 but other batches would help too as a comparison.


It was running in the background, while I was busy with other stuff. But 1x+5x+16x=22x - amazingly fast :wink: