NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



Therefor you should scan on a lower speed also with the Benq :wink:


If you scan at higher speeds, the drive can read some sectors incorrectly, so the scan can look either better or worse. It depends on the individual drive and the media you are trying to read. Therefore, for the best comparison, you should scan with the drives at the same low speed as each other, or at least as near the same speeds as the drives will allow.


RICOHJPN R01@12X, firmware 1.W3, 1ECC quality scan
Toasted on ND-3540A
Transferratetested on ND-3500AG

Nice, except for the ugly spike near the end. No influence on the readability though.


Blah… I don’t trust RICOHJPNR01… I have some 1.5 years old… they all aren’t readable anymore… interesting but all my RICOHJPNR00 and TAIYOYUDEN (2.4x TY discs) are still good as new. =)


Well in that case I better get some 2.4X media. Might be a bit hard to find these days though. I even remember you pulled out all 2.4X MIDs from your patched firmwares:)

I didn’t say I trust RICOH nor did I imply that this was an impressive scan (which it is not btw). I am just sharing my results with the rest of you guys (and girl). Isn’t that the purpose of this thread anyway??


No I did not pulled out 2.4x MIDs… I removed 2.4x and 2x strategies from disc that can handle 4x and more…

All I did was post my opinion about RICOHJPNR01 disc… neither did I say it’s a bad scan (which it is btw)… neither did I say you shouldn’t post a scan or anything else. Overeacting ?


Chill out dude:) In the future maybe you just shouldn’t start a posting by saying “Blah…”. It’s kind of rude and somehow could be interpreted as “Hey airhead, you’re full of sh…” :slight_smile:


Hehe… sorry. =) I usually say “Blah…” when I don’t like something. =)


Still friends then? Go grab a beer on my account:)



Here are some scans of Ritek G05 burnt @8x (I’ve got my nec today :slight_smile: so sorry if I’m a little late). Only 3 more to go. Hopefully I’ll have my fuji TY 8x by then ^^


Burn with nec 2500a 4x fw Maddog 2F9 (maybe my last dvd burn with it)
Scan with my brand new nec 3540a <-- happy


Scans of Philips +RW 1-4x (spindle of 10) @4x
Seems like they’re not as good as I would have thought when I bought them several months ago. (I didn’t know this site at the time :stuck_out_tongue: )


Which firmware burns Fujifilm 8x Yuden T02 best would you folks say?


LONGTEN 002 media test:


datawrite grey fujifilm03
PIE is good :slight_smile:


I like FUJIFILM03’s I need to find a reliable source for them.


I have burnt Ritek G05 @6x on my NEC3540, why does it look so bad? There is a enormous amount of PIF errors… anybody know why?


Deadman, check for philips dvd-r they many batch use FUJIFILM03

I hope to get soon some prodiscR03, error rate seem to be very good on good batch !


what type of discs are those G05s? they look like B grade or lower if they have that many PIF when you burned at 6x, they are rated 8x default speed.


They are DVD-R medias. Will it be better to burn them at 8x?