NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



BTW what’s the best 8x media in the UK available that burns well at 12x for under £25 for 100? :wink:


Burned same media (yuden000 t02) on the 3520 with same results :confused:


Looks like your batch is not the greatest. Only way to be certain is try on another PC.


You are not alone
YUDEN000 TG02 TG001125


Well it is 8x media after all. I think you just have to be lucky to get some from a good stamper batch that burns at 16x


Thanks for testing. Now I know for sure it’s the YUDEN batch :sad:
Maybe Dee can do something with the write strategy…


Same batch and ND-3500 stands on ITE 8212F integrated controller on ASUS P4GD1


Hmm. Looks like a write strat issue then after all?


Dee told everyone to use the Windows drivers for IDE!
Yesterday I gave her my word and uninstalled the Intel INF. and went back to Microsoft drivers and wat happens, there comes an unexpected ERROR, something about CRC and UDMA buffer or DMA… :confused: I made the scan over again and then sooner this report came, so I installed the Intel INF. again and runs good ever since!
Sorry DEE I wanted to work that!



FUJIFILM8X YUDEN000 T02 Burned@8x


Yes looks like they burn very nice at their ‘rated’ speed.


Did you check that the MS drivers were actually working correctly and were the right ones? There are a couple of MS drivers and one is the correct one and the other is not. I am assuming you are using XP SP2.

I am using the accellerated VIA drivers right now.


cmc 16x dvd+R (printable) at 12x max


One disc scanned with BenQ and NEC


thats 16x dvd-r white printable at 16x (TYG03)

i would say the burn is fast and great :iagree:


40pin or 80pin wont make a difference afterall.
it is up to you to choose which kind.


But you scanned 8x on the Benq and 5x at the NEC. So the test is not the same…


Do you think the result are comparable?


To get a more accurate comparison, scan at 4x on the Benq.



That’s because at 8x NEC is really unadequate =)