NEC ND-3540A Results Thread (Post your ND-3540A scans here)



well ive only burnt 1 ritek g05 dvd-r athe the mo, ive attached a transfer rate test of it (was burnt at 4x). will post a quality scan in a minute when ive done it again.


well i was only commenting that it wasnt supported, personally i do most of my quality scanning on my benq 1620.


Hehe… I understand… it wasn’t meant for you… but for those who constantly ask about jitter scanning on Nec. =)


this is a scan of the datawrite yellow disc, hmm not too good. but it is the first disc ive burnt, i’ll try scanning it in the benq and see what the quality test looks like


heres a benq 1620 quality scan of the same disc, the jitter seems to be lower than discs written on the 3520 although the pif seem higher (but it is the first disc ive burnt on this drive)


Heh… very very nice jitter! At the look on this the drive looks promising. However some more test on different disc will tell the true story. Also RITEK G05 are known not to be the best disc you can get this days. Thanks for testing the drive.


i’ll burn some different discs and post the restults in a while.


datawrite 4x ricoh r01 recorded at 8x (took 10 minutes tho)


same disc scanned in the benq, dont look too bad to say it was burnt at 8x


This is a lot nicer than Ritek G04 =)) What does BenQ say about jitter ?

EDIT: Haven’t saw that you posted the scan =) Well jitter is a little high again =\ Can you make a transfer rate test also… to see if Nec 3540 also has the reading issues the same as 3520 has.


when you have time, burn a full cd-r 700mb at 48x and look how much time to burn and see quality.


somebody explain what is the Jitter ?


read the disc fine :), heres the transfer rate graph


@eddy64, thanks, 3540 looks promising :slight_smile:


heres a datawrite titanium written at 8x


Interesting that jitter jumps where the write strategy has been changed are still present… the issue that 3540 obviously derivered from 3520. I can already see Dee very happy and ordering a 3540 to have a new toy to play with. =)


I’d like to see a disc burned at 12X, thats usually where jitter was really high on the 3520. Those were the burns that the 3520 wouldn’t do a 16X transfer rate test. Maybe this drive is a better reader.

I think i will skip this drive, its not different enough from the 3520.
Some modified firmware may be on its way soon though :slight_smile:


NEC ND-3540A Burns DVD+R DL Discs in 18 minutes

For the DVD+R DL test we employ a 2.4X Verbatim disc
(media code: MKM 001). The Nero Disc Info utility provided
burn curve below shows the disc supporting a maximum burn
speed of 8X.

Using the Z-CLV method, the burning process begins at 4X,
rising to 6X just before the 1GB mark, and reaching the highest
speed of 8X. The average burn speed was 6.57X, with the entire
7.96GB disc completed in 18 minutes and 30 seconds, making it
the quickest actual DVD+R DL burn result we are aware of. (Newegg Forum/China)

see the graphs at the forum (copyrights!) it took some time…

The version of the 3540 model in China has F/W v.1.22 !

The test burns were done with DVD+R/DL(MKM001)at 8x
and a DVD-R/DL(MKM01RD30)at 6x
16xDVD+R(MCC004) and 16xDVD-R(TDK003).


Split this thread from the other so members can have a thread to post their ND-3540A results.


I guess they haven’t saw BenQ 1640 in action yet… 15 minutes for a full DVD+R DL disc. =)

Dee: Hehe I understand… I will skip it too =P