NEC ND-3540A Problems

I just recieved this drive today, I unplug my old drive and fit this and turn my system on, the drive is recognised, so I try and burn a dvd in Nero 6 and it won’t, I open up the case and ensure everything is connected properly, reboot try again, this time it works. Now I try running the just burnt DVD and every time I put the disc in the drive the drive name changes from DVD RW drive to CD drive and it totally ignores the fact that there is a disc in there.

I’m burning to RICOH DVD+R and my pc is an AMD powere shuttle running windows XP. I’ve been searching for a solution for ages, I keep finding people with similar problems but never a solution.

Please Help!

Is this Nero version a bundled one and is the drive recognized properly?

Forget about the wrong Explorer drive/media recognition, that’s an nasty bug in explorer…

Er no it’s a demo version that has had a correct serial key inputted.

open nero,goto recorder on toolbar,choose recorder,if ur drive is recognised by nero it will be there,just select it.

I had same problem. I replaced a drive with the 3540a and pc recognized it but it wouldnt read any disc. It was conflicting with the other drive on the same cable. If you have another drive on that ribbon cable , disconnect it and try and see what happens.

Good point. Also check if the jumpers were set correct to the drives.