NEC ND-3540A Preview



Nero InfoTool screenshot.
Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL (MKM001) written at 8x!
The NEC ND-3540A uses Z-CLV (Zone-Constant Linear Velocity) with 3 zones to write DVD+R DL discs at 8x.
Total write time for 7.94GB is 18 minutes and 34 seconds.

More pics coming soon!


Unfortunately the NEC ND-3540A was unable to complete an 8x speed Disc Quality scan on the MKM001 disc written at 8x.

I was able to complete a 4x Kprobe PI/PIF scan on a LiteOn 1633S drive.


Pic1: Burn graph of Verbatim 16x DVD+R MCC004 written at 16x.

Pic2: Disc Quality scan on the ND-3540A at 8x speed.

Pic3: 16x ND-3540A Transfer rate test on the MCC004 disc written at 16x.


could you make a pi/pif test maybe a little bit slower ?


New 3540 K033 (beta!?) firmware can be downloaded from my firmware page.


Added above, LiteOn 1633S PI/PIF scan at 4x.


The DVD+R DL disc is automatically burned with a DVD-ROM booktype.

I ran some quick playback testing on my Philips DVP-642 DVD player and the MKM001 disc appears to playback with no trouble (playing back various areas of the movie).


So far my preferences is the BenQ DW1640.

But let’s hope NEC could improve writing quality to match the Benq with future firmware (but judging from the past - I fear not as the ND-3520A never got as good as the ND-3500AG for writing quality).


Hmmm… “against” or “for”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


NEC3540 is available in europe via UK, but I can’t find BenQ 1640.


As the 3520 has only had a single offical NEC firmware i think you are being a bit harsh. The 3500 was crap to start with.


ND-3540A appeared in Japan as well but the only ND-2500/3500/3520 importer in South Korea disappeared a few months ago so no 3540 here.


It is an I-O Data drive build on the NEC 3540. So it is not sold as a NEC but as an I-O Data brand. Sneaky way of selling the 3540 drive overthere.