Nec ND 3540A ovverburn problem



im trying 2 burn 4496mb on 4489mb DVD-R and i getting error’s…
im using Nero and i changed in Expert Features-> Enable DVD overburning 4600mb
but sill it wont let me burn… :confused: (burning on SKY pro media)
im getting this errors:

Invalid filed in command

Could not perform start of Disc-at-once

p.s i tryed Sonic Record Now Deluxe Suite 7 … but there too it wont let me, it says please remove 8 mb from your project…

can any1 plz help me with this 1?

thx ahed :smiley:


The 3540 does not support overburning of DVDs


Hi Xman, I’m sorry if this sounds difficult to admit, but overburning DVD is not something wise to do… it’s playing with fire, even with the best burners and the best media.

Anyway as kdshapiro rightly states, you can’t overburn with the 3540A. :disagree:


okays… i got it :slight_smile:

thx alot 4 the info!