NEC ND-3540A on an external case



hi there,

Im a real newbie (please dont go extreme on me) at these kinds of things, i recently purchased a NEC ND-3540A and an external case. Problem is that it does rip/read (backup) files from cd/dvd’s. But when burning say a film or a file on to a DVD disk it always for some reason freeze @ quarter way through or half way…
i have tested other types of media disks and the same results appear… ive also tryed different files (mix n match kind of thing).
Ive read some stories about the plug adapter?.. i think mine is the correct standard (12V == 2A, 5V == 2A) and should have made the burner work… but failed i guess…

does anyone have any soloutions? should i update my firmware with liggys?

Thnks all !


what kind of connection do u use with your external case and do you know what kind of chip is used ? (for translating the IDE commands in USB or firewire and vise versa)


Hi, Muertez

i use a USB 2.0 connection, im not sure about the chip (is there any software to find out the type of chip used? or do i open the compant and check via there?)


@ what speed do you try to burn???
Even if the burner is 16X,you can’t reach that…


You need a case with a Prolific 3507 chip for NEC. See Here:


i attempted one on prolific chipset external casing. see the burstrate.

still cant hit 16x on writing due2 low burst rate. need at least 25MB/s to hit 16x if i m not wrong.

however,16x reading is juz fine.

as for Prolific USB2, see below

reading at 16x is a little challenged :confused:


Well, quite a few others have reported that it is the only way to go. Possibly they are content with just under 16X. I wonder what the folks over at Dealsonic have to say as they have clearly advertised this as a 16X case? Maybe the firewire would do a better job of passing the 22 MB/sec needed for 16X.

“Support sustained data transfer rates up to 25 MB/sec”