"[NEC]ND-3540A & [Kingwin]SS-525U-S" Would this be OK?

Hello! This is my very first post here, and I’m expecting a bit help :o

I’m looking for a DVD burner + external enclosure (use USB2.0) solution, my major concerns are:

  1. DVD +/- R/RW and DVD Double Layer support
  2. Quality of writting
  3. Compatibility
  4. I don’t care about speed that much, 8x would be enough, I suppose

After quite a bit of reading, I think these two would fullfill my needs:
Burner: NEC ND-3540A (Review) & Enclosure: Kingwin SS-525U-S

Here comes the quick question. May I expect these two will work together well? :confused:

System: IBM Thinkpad A31 + Windows XP SP2

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :bow:

Welcome to the forum Kevin :slight_smile:

The 3540 is not that great of a drive. The 3550 and 4550 are now available and much better, the price should be similar.

Since you don’t care much about fast burning, then any external burner case will do, however I reccomend looking in the NEC forum to see what they are using (do some searching).

When you get your new drive (whatever you decide on) and the new case, make sure you update the firmware for the case and for the burner. That will eliminate 99% of the problems you will encouter.

Happy burning :smiley:

Thanks eric93se !
It’s a shame that I cannot even find 4550 :eek: However, I found this review of 4550, which seems not that impressive. So I guess I’ll get a 3550…

Would you mind one more question? Which one is better, retail version or OEM version?

there is no real difference between the retail and OEM versions. retail comes with Nero software; OEM is just the drive itself. i would suggest getting the OEM drive, because you probably have comparable software pre-installed on your laptop, and as far as i can tell from the photos on newegg.com, its not even the full version of the software anyway. but check out the customer reviews for yourself: www.newegg.com

Thanks doucheface321. I’ll go for OEM version :smiley:

Taking eric93se’s suggestion, I changed mind to BYTECC ME-340U2F for enclosure. Seems kingwin series are too flimsy according to reviews on newegg, and BYTECC ME-320U2F is not Aluminum.