NEC ND-3540A front (green) light flashing

I’ve had the drive for about a year now, and so far it has worked great for me, and filled most of my requirements (reliable, not too loud, etc.). However, recently, the light on the drive started flashing, as soon as the drive receives power supply (not even data cable needs to be connected). Its impossible to open the tray by pressing the button, and according to a friend that last used it to burn a DVD, there was no disc left inside it to get jammed or anything, it just started flashing the front light after couple of hours during which computer was idling. It still normally detects the drive by both BIOS and WinXP, but it cannot be used in any way. Nero InfoTool shows the drive completely wrong (firmware revision 0.01, none of the “supported” checkboxes are filled for either reading or writing, it detects it as a CD-ROM drive, 0kb buffer size, and a couple of question marks in some other fields). DVD Region control reports that there are 0 user changes left and another 7 by vendor. Which led me to believe that someone may have started changing regions on the drive by accident (very unlikely), but in case this is the reason, what is the next possible step in “unjamming” the device? Also, I tried downloading newest firmware for the drive (1.04), but the “readme” for it says that it can only upgrade from 1.01 or 1.03, so I decided not to do anything because InfoTool only reports 0.01 on my drive. Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Your only solution will be flashing a new firmware.
The flashing green light is caused by the main firmware not being OK. During startup the drive computes a checksum of the firmware and stays in a bootcode if this checksum does not match.

If flashing with the official flash program from NEC does not work, you should give Binflash a try.

Do you think its “safe” to first try the 1.04 firmware despite the fact I do not know which one was installed prior to failure (due to the recommendation in the manual for previous firmware to be either 1.01 or 1.03)? I mean, its not very likely to mess up anything right now that its already messed up :P.

Is it common for a drive to damage its own firmware by itself?

Thanks for the quick response.

Liggy is the man but at this point the drive is broken so I dont see how you could make it much worse? I had the blinking light problem on mine and I managed to update the firmware which corrected the problem.I am still using the drive today.

At least you can always switch between different versions with Binflash.

I have no idea what happened

The original firmware from NEC worked :). I did use binflash to dump the one that was on the burner at the time, just in case. Thanks everyone for the assistance.

For those who’d like to know what exactly happened:
snoopy.yu sent me a dump of his non-working firmware and after opening the file with a hex editor, I could immediately see that the first four Bytes did not contain the correct values, thus making the firmware checksum not match the firmware

The firmware was a 1.01 firmware - but a newer one than 1.01f on Dee’s and my page. I haven’t seen this version before.