NEC ND-3540A dvd+r error- formatting disk failed

Vista Ult.
Ridata 8x dvd +rw
NEC ND-3540A firmware 1.W5

getting error in nero formatting disk failed/ illegal disk.

not sure if i need a rom update or new media.


Have you tried Imgburn?

Yep, ImgBurn often works where Nero fails. Failing that I’d get some nice Verbatim RWs :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum, frodiggs :slight_smile:

hmm that did not work, ‘oh- noooo’ said the nice lady

along with

‘failed to erase disk’ so again another formatting error.

incompatible format

Maybe you have Alcohol 120% installed or some other software that can mess the drives
ability to erase the +rw media, and as Arachne try to get some better media like verbatim.

I would get better DVD+Rw first: Verbatim & Ricoh!