NEC ND-3540A doesn't recognize CDs anymore

Hey there!
I’ve been searching around for a bit but didn’t find a solution to my problem, so now I’ll just post away, any helöp is greatly appreciated.

I was burning a CD with CDBurner XP Pro 3 for a friend of mine, when, for the first time ever since I own that burner (6 months now), there was an error halfway through the process, completely out of the blue as I didn’t install anything lately. Unfortunately I missed writing down exactly what it said at that time, because I thought it was strange but would be a one time thing, something about an error in a power whatever. That is prolly not going to help anyone. So anyways, I couldn’t burn anything on second try either, worse, the CD is not even recognized as such anymore.Since yesterday there has been some on and offing concerning recognition of CD media, not only in CDburner, but not even by Windows. What I did so far was check and reconnect the cable and flash the newest firmware, in safemode. The symptoms are the same. Stupidest thing (which on the other hand gives me hope that it’ll be a software issue) is that DVD’s are found and recognized normally. I do not have any other burning progs on the PC.

Any ideas?
Any information that I still need to provide?

Thanks in advance.

My mate has the same drive and having same trouble(its 6 month old i reckon) with liggys w8.
Have you tried in another pc or tried flashing back to default firmware?

Nope, neither. I will, but d’you have any idea what the problem could be apart from the firmware? Because it’s a bit unlikely, seeing as it worked fine until the very second the goddamned thing crashed.

BTW:Are you aussie?

I had a lot of trouble with his pc at wkend,just wouldnt install xp despite usual troubleshooting new psu,gfx card,new mem,even cd rom.When i put it all back together as it had been it worked?!. I reckon his cheapo pc chips mobo is the cause of a lot of the problems and will try to get him to upgrade at wkend. Now this!.I was wondering with all the other problems (it was randomly restarting as well before this,hd stuck in pio mode) that it had affected the burners stability.He couldnt get nero to work either,but i eventually got it working and burning dvds but there was a few dvd coasters(the batch all had marks on them so i reckon it was that to blame).
I will try a flash to latest official firmware (v4) and see how it goes but it could just be duff drives,my 2 liteons went same way and had to replaced and got a 3550a which hasnt given me any bother at all apart from not being a very good reader. Let me know how you get on,ill prob be going up to mates house tomorrow night.
Oh and im scots from edinburgh,we usemate` all the time here,must be all the aussies over here :bigsmile:

PIO mode is like pyoo pyoo mode I assume?

Also no news from here, still only reads DVDs, didn’t check on a different PC yet.

Yes Pio mode is what windows defaults the hardware (dvd drives usually) to from dma if it fails to read a scratched dvd for example 4 or 5times and its really sloooow.This happened to my new one.What i did was go into device manager and delete(uninstall) the secondary channel it was on,rebooted and it detected dma again and is working fine.
Have a look in your device manager on primary/secondary channels and check if dma is enabled on all drives,if not you know what to do.If you want to know more have a look here
Only other thing bar official firmware i can suggest is reinstall/try another dvd burning program and lastly try it in another pc.

Okay, I tried on my sis’ computer, still wouldn’t do anything. Say, is it possible that just the CD reading part of the drive suddenly got br0ked?
And thanks for PIO and the posts, luminous.

I guess I’ll have to send it back :frowning:

I have the same problem!!!
Any solution???



Try flashing back to stock or newest official firmware before an rma,i wouldn`t leave an unofficial firmware on it.
Somebody on this forum said disc reading is firmware not necessarily hardware fault.

I used to have firm official 1.04 and didn’t work. Now I have 1.W9 and either work…


I only tried off firm 1.04, nothing else. Wish me luck in finding the damn receipt.

The local shop mate got this from often takes stuff without receipts which is pretty decent of them,pity about the hardware tho lol.Theyll prob rma through serial number anyway,thats what they did with a duff hd of mine. Annita if your drive was like that from start it definately sounds borked. Well youll both prob have new shiny drives soon,not sure they make these anymore prob get 3550a model or upwards which has been a good burner for me.
Just nipping down to mates tonight to try a firmware flash,not hopeful tho.Bad burns are the first warning signs of a duffed drive,best of luck folks

Thanks a ton, same to you.

This is not a firmware issue. The drive has two lasers, one for DVD and another for CD, they are both mounted on the same unit. The CD one has failed so you need to RMA the drive and have it repaired or replaced.

's what I thought, thanks. What is RMA though?

Gotcha. I’m German, so yea, if I got it right it’s the receipt.

Thanks for that just wished youd posted that earlier lol.Tried different firmware but no difference as i thought faulty hardware,pity its just 2 weeks out of warranty for my mate tho. Maestroid did you buy it online or from shop?.Presuming its less than a year old take it back to shop with receipt or if online check what their policy for returns is. An rma (pronounced as separate letters) Short for returned materials (or merchandise) authorization, an alphanumeric identifier used by hardware manufacturers that indicates a user has been authorized by a company representative to return a product to the manufacturer for repair or refund. Youll either rma it to online place or nec direct,they will give you an rma number to return it and you put this on the return package and its your reference for a follow up.

Ah right, we don’t have that system here. And I THOUGHT it was an EU policy, but apparently it’s just a German thing: You have two years of warranty on anything electronical, in other words, I’ll send it back and get a new one no problem. (That’s the theory anyways.)

Hey thats lucky,good for you.Does it mean products cost more tho?

Don’t have the slightest. The burner cost me 40 euros in Octobre 2005, and shipping was included I think.

Same here it doesn’t recognize CDs… still the DVD’s works fine… NEC ND-3540A was a bad product!

ps. I know that the post is old…

… back from the dead :))