NEC ND-3540a Burning 8x media at 4x

Ok let me explain what has happened. I use to use a NuTech DDW-082 8x dvd burner, then one day it started burning my 8x media at a 4x speed. So I ran alot of tests and contacted the company but that didn’t solve anything, so I just bought after awhile a NEC ND-3540a 16x dvd burner. Now i’ve installed the 3540a and the samething is going on, it’s only burning at 4x. The dvd burning media I am using is Ritek G03 8x dvd+r (I’ve verified that the 3540a can support 8x speed using DVDInfo). Someone tell me what’s up, please. DMA when available is enabled on the IDE primary and secondary devices. None of them are set to PIO. I’m guessing is might be the ASPI drivers, i’m not exactly sure though.

The ND-3540A only supports this media at 4X with the stock firmware, so it won’t burn any faster than this.

Oh no way! Are you serious!? So do you advise I flash it with Liggy’s firmware?

hey thanks for the response.