NEC ND-3540A Burner w/ problems

Hi guyz, this is my first post, so hopefully I will get all of the information out to you so you can help without me looking like a n00b.

Ok, I am using a using a ND-3504A NEC burner, with the newest firmware 1.03

Everytime I try to burn a disc, the program just hangs.

Story time: When I first bought one of these drives, it did the same thing, and at the time it wouldnt let me update the firmware, so I thought that that the hardware was screwed, so I RMA’ed it and got another, and that one did the same thing. Then I put in it another machine and it worked perfectly fine, and then I updated the firmware with that machine, and then I tried to put it back into the other machine. It still had that same problem that it was having.
After that, I took the drive out that machine and put it in another machine, did the same thing there too. I just got a new PSU, because I was thinking that it might not be putting out enough power for it to burn dvds… turns out that isnt that problem. So I am pretty much at a deadend, anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope that all of that makes sense, I typed in a hurry.

Does it work in any box? If not then it may be a bad drive!
Flash the FW again if you can in a good box. Then get back to us on if it works on any box!

BIOS update! BIOS settings! Master on its own cable! DMA selected in device manager for your IDE cable!

In addition to etp, make sure your using 80pin eide cable, not the old 40pin ide cable.:slight_smile: