NEC ND-3540A burn more than 700MB on CD-R?

I’m sort of a noobie and I was wondering if it is possible to burn more than 700MB onto a CD-R with the NEC ND-3540A? I know this is possible with some other drives, like the Plextor PX-712A using Plextools.

BTW I had a PX-712A until it crapped out on me and Plextor sent me a replacement that was also defective. I got my ND-3540A last week and I’m extremely happy with it. Burns DVDs at 8x no problem and no coasters yet, and CD-Rs at 40x (48x will give buffer underrun) no problem, EXCEPT with TDK CD-Rs which will give errors almost every single time (no problems with TDK DVD+Rs tho).

The 3540 is not capable of overburning, so you’re limited to 700 MB.


Here is the result with a 700 MB Taiyo Yuden CD-R (I don’t have larger discs here, so I cannot try that). As you can see, it burnt 82:24 on a 80 min disc. So how can you say the drive could not overburn?

The disc is having reading issues, but that could be media related.

To be honest, I never have bothered to check for myself if overburning CDs is possible, but based on what I have heard/read so far I’d say it’s not.

But it seems you’ve just proven otherwise.

It will burn 90 min media but not 99 min.

It will not overburn DVD media, but as already said, it will overburn CD media. The amount of overburn on CDR depends on the media itself. Some 80 minute media will hit 84 minutes, and you can burn 90 minute media (but not 90 minutes on 80 minute media!)
Don’t bother even trying 99 minute media. It can’t even correctly read 99 minute media, and certainly can’t burn it.

In that case, I stand corrected. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.