NEC ND-3530A Upgrade Error?

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3530A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello, I currently have a NEC’s DVD burner ND-3530A, would like to do it moves to upgrade the firmware, I found this site -ND-3530A / and I am downloading this file IOData OEM firmware 3.23 (RPC1), after the escalation of the action, and then complete the upgrade, and so on and reboot, I found that the writers can not even read, I fear at this time However, the stricken, and I do not know what to do, so this request to help you, please chatter.

I don’t understand your english 100% but i think i can help you. Before you flashed your drive with another firmware you should of taken a dump of the original firmware that was on your DVD/CD burner. Just write your original firmware back to your DVD/CD burner and it will put it back to the way it was. If you did’nt bother to dump your firmware then look for the original firmware for your drive. I am limited on info on these Sony/Nec drives as i only own 1 of these drives as another brand is my favorite. I think what your wanting to do is make your drive region free. Just so you know when you flash a drive to be region free with the hardware the process is not over. You have to deal with the OS and software also. If this info helped great if not someone with Sony/NEC experience will help you im sure.